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Last night I had plenty of dreams that didn’t remind me of any dreams I have seen before, the most re- occurrent dreams.
Except in one of them, I was studying in Hogwarts and refused to wear the school uniform. I got a seriously pissed off Snape after me.

I woke up early, there was a heavy rain and thunderstorm outside, but it cleared up soon.

I got up before my alarm clock rang; it was supposed to ring at noon. I took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day. but I didn’t eat anything because I was supposed to fast for twelve hours so my blood sugar would be decent for my blood sample. I washed my face and put lotion on my itchy skin and got dressed into the same clothes I wore a week ago.

I went to the lab to have my blood drawn. My queue number was 219, and they were serving number 181.
After about two hours of waiting, it was finally my turn. I got my blood drawn.
I was also told to go to the EKG, but by then a power shortage occurred due to the storm, and the lights were turned off. Before anarchy would ensue, I went to the parish.

The parish worker was really nice to me, as he usually is. We talked about Christianity and other things, and then he gave me two gift cards because he couldn’t print the food coupon for me; there was a power shortage as well. I also got a box of raspberries and a half of a honeydew melon.

I took a train to downtown and went to the Twinkle café. Mella was there, she gave me a sweet hug.

Later all the others left, and me and Mella were left together. I drank plenty of cocoa and ate plenty of treats, did some stretches, and talked with Mella about stuff.

In the afternoon, I took a tram to the city center and then a train back to my hometown.
Once there, I went back home to have a little wind- down time. I took the plastic waste to recycling, and then I went grocery shopping.
With the other gift card, I bought ten postage stamps and some personal and domestic hygiene products from the supermarket.
With the other gift card, I bought groceries from a grocery shop.
Once back home, I fetched the laundry from the downstairs drying room. Once back home, I divided the laundry into mine and Mirette’s, and folded mine and put it into the cupboard.

In the evening I was feeling bored, so I went for a short bike ride. Once back at my neighborhood, I went to the supermarket and bought a pair of gardening gloves; I am going to use them for picking up garbage when I go out.
I also took a couple of discarded trolleys back to the supermarket.

I did other good deeds today; when I was in the corridor, I held the lift door open for an elderly lady using a walker.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and rubbed cortisone lotion on my itchy shins and put on a clean nightie.

Tomorrow my care worker will come for the weekly appointment. I will wash the dishes.
After that, I will ride my bicycle to the swimming pool in my parents’ hometown and swim a few laps.
After the swim, I will go to the sauna and I also have to wash my hair properly.

On Thursday, I will go to a couple of museums. If the youth group is still open, I will go there.

On Friday, I will receive money. I will order a face muscle trainer from an online shop; if it isn’t in discount anymore, I will instead order some important stuff from Etsy.com, such as a tube squeezer and a clothes brush.
It will also be Suavecita’s name- day, we will go to the café where Eleclya works and buy her whatever treat she wants.
I will also go to the dressmaker and pay them for the mended clothes and bring them another two articles of clothing to be mended.
In the evening, I will go to the sauna.

On Saturday, I will do housework, and go to a museum.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. If it doesn’t rain, I will ride my bicycle there and back.
My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will also call my granny.
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