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Thrift shop prowlin'

Last night I had a dream where me and my family were visiting the summer cottage / my mother’s childhood home, and my parents found my porn collection (I am asexual but I still enjoy porn, mainly yaoi fanart, actual mainstream live action porn is icky). They were really angry and disappointed with me so I burned the collection down, and I was comforted by the DC Comics character Lobo whom I have had many erotic dreams about.
In another dream, I lived in my former apartment in the colorful cubistic building, and we headed to The Ramones concert. I was wearing a pink t- shirt that said “Baby Doll” on front, and black daisy dukes. I was holding a bunch of cloth panty liners that were sewn to fit thongs and g- strings, and I also had a package of reusable cotton swabs.
In yet another dream, I was in a modern art museum downtown where I was supposed to vote for the most beautiful work of art. There were piles of rocks and piles of wooden planks, and I voted for a painting with pink and white flowers in a potty with a blue background. I was supposed to write my name in Icelandic, so I wrote “Miia Esasdottir”.
I went to the other side of the road; there was a demonstration against nuclear power. I went to a health shop on the side of the road and looked for some proper lotion for my itchy skin; there was this lotion that was made into the form of little yellow pearls that dissolved when you rub them against your skin (my mother has that lotion too, I think it’s a wrinkle cream from Nivea). Anyway, I saw a bottle of vitamin supplements that were especially meant for college students who lived on nothing but pizza and had suicidal thoughts. I was so overcome with worry and empathy that I started crying, and one of the demonstrators comforted me.

I woke up to a tremendous coughing fit. I should go see a doctor next week, I have been coughing and sneezing a lot for the past weeks.

I got up, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, dabbed lotion on my skin, got dressed, and had breakfast, without losing my spoons. It actually helped me load my spoons.

I had oatmeal porridge for breakfast. Mirette had gone to a meeting with her social counselor.

I headed to Stick Town, once there I learned that Fountain House was closed because they had gone for a journey. I didn’t mind, I took a bus to downtown and went to Pearl House for a cup of coffee.

I traveled back home. I washed my hair, dabbed lotion on my skin, changed my panty liner, and took the second biotin of the day.

I watched the Monty Python musical on DVD. I learned a funny joke; British beer is like having sex in a canoe, it’s fucking close to water!

Later that day, me and Mirette took a train to downtown and went to the nearest thrift store. They had all kinds of gorgeous clothes for sale; I picked a pair of red dungarees with a heart- shaped pocket on the front, a floor- length skirt from the 1960’s, an actual Dirndl dress that fits me, and a brown dress with white polka dots, and a simple denim dress that I am going to customize.
They had other kind of gorgeous clothes but I was allowed to set aside only five articles of clothing at maximum; now that I think about it, I don’t think that all the nighties and the white lace gloves and the wedding dress are going to be sold out tomorrow, so I can be rest assured.

We walked over to the posh neighborhood, there was another vintage thrift store from the same chain. I didn’t find any clothes from there, but I picked up new curtains and I also saw four duvet covers that had amazing retro / vintage designs and they were also so worn that they felt so soft and smooth! I will buy them tomorrow.

It was getting late and we were both a bit hungry, so we took a tram and then a subway to another mall and went to a restaurant. I got a fish fillet, parmesan fries, and pea hummus, it was scrumptious. We didn’t make it to the third thrift store because it was going to be closed for the day.

Elysion called me and asked if she can come for a visit during the midsummer weekend, I asked Mirette if it was okay and she said yes. As for our plans for midsummer, I am going to get a nose ring on Friday, and on Saturday me and Mirette will go to a picnic in the town where I was treated in the psychiatric ward. The nature around there is very beautiful.

We traveled to downtown and went to the movie theater to see the film Shazam!, it was amazing. I love Marvel / DC superhero movies.

After the movie, a friend of ours gave us a lift back to my home. Once there, I took my evening medicine and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will go to Pearl House, there will be two groups where I want to take part. After that, I will go shopping with Mirette, we will go to all the thrift shops and I will buy all the clothes I have set aside. As for the rest of the money, I will buy a meager amount of groceries.

On Saturday, I will do housework and perhaps visit a few museums.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. I will walk there and back if the weather is fine. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny.
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