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Hey full moon

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I guessed it was the full moon, even if I am not superstitious.
It could have been that the heatwave has returned and it was too hot to sleep, or then again, I was distracted by my smartphone.

I took my morning medicine and biotin supplement early in the morning and went back to bed.
I finally fell asleep, and probably had dreams that I don’t remember anymore.

I got up at noon, got dressed, and dabbed lotion on my face.
I logged in to my online bank account and noticed that I had received the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest.

I went to the nearest ATM machine and withdrew all the cash.
I went to the supermarket to buy groceries, then to a stationery shop to buy a greeting card for a friend and a packet of pink ink refills for my pens, and then to a clothing shop to buy two pairs of basic black leggings; right now I only have two of them, and I need more.

I went back home, put everything to their rightful places, and noticed that the pink ink refills have gone missing.

Later that day, Mirette came for a sleepover. We were supposed to go thrift store prowling, but when we were going to leave, I quickly snooped through my backpack and noticed that my travel card was missing.

We agreed that Mirette would go to downtown on her own to pick up the camera she had ordered, and I would stay at home and work on solving the mystery of the missing travel card.

I was thinking of heading to the municipal service point, but it was closed.

Instead, I went to the supermarket and bought an ice pack, a box of interdental brushes, a tube of face serum, and a bottle of organic mouthwash. I also went to the pharmacy to buy melatonin, to help me sleep.

I went back home, feeling a bit morose.
Once there, I put all my belongings to their rightful places, and then I fought with my delusions that had resurfaced when I lost my travel card. They almost brought me to tears. Fortunately I am calm in a crisis.

I went to the balcony to sit on the sofa and enjoy the last rays of today’s sunshine. I brought along my smartphone and diary.
I called my mother and asked her if she can help me purchase another travel card, she said yes. We agreed to go to the municipal service point on Monday.
Mirette came home later.

In the evening, I took my meds and put on a bathrobe; all my nighties were in the laundry.

I watched the movie X- Men 2 and then I started watching X- Men: Apocalypse. I am on an X- Men kick right now, not to mention that I like the character Nightcrawler.

I still feel like I can’t get much sleep; I feel like my brains are full of fluid and my eyeballs are retreating into my skull.

Tomorrow I will do the weekly housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, replace the towels and wash them. I also need to wash the plastic carrier bags where I keep the recyclable waste.
In the afternoon, if I feel up to it, I will go to the gym. I will do full body stretches and then use the cross- trainer, and perhaps the hula hoop as well.

On Sunday, I will do the weekly beautifying routines; wash my hair, use the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment, and shave my armpits and chin hairs.
I will go visit my parents; because I misplaced my travel card, I will walk to my parents’ home and back.
I will call my granny. My father will give me the weekly allowance.
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