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Thrift store prowling

Last night I went to sleep a little after midnight. I was fully clothed, because I knew I had to get up early to go see my mother.
I woke up at half past six in the morning after having a dream of being friends with a human- like hamster; he walked on his hind legs, wore clothes, and spoke to me, and stored stuff in his cheek pouches.

I made some coffee and took my morning medicine. Then I fell back asleep.
I woke up again at half past eleven o'clock in the morning when my mother called me, and she asked me if I would be able to see her this morning so she can give me the weekly allowance. We agreed to meet her in half an hour.

I fell back asleep, and had a dream where I was playing Pokémon: RED on my laptop. In another dream, I caused a huge explosion of flower petals downtown, and in another dream, me and my mother and my brother went to a thrift store to look for new duvet covers.

I woke up when my mother called me again and told me that she is heading to the station bridge. I got up begrudgingly, threw on my winter gear, and went to wait for my mother under the station bridge.

She arrived later, gave me the weekly allowance, complained about my sleepy demeanor and my greasy hair, which bewildered me because I had washed my hair yesterday.

I went back home, slept a bit more, got up later, and changed my clothes and put on some jewelry.

We left at the same time and took a train downtown and then a bus to Twinkle cafe.

Mella was happy to see us, and so was Raija. I gave the latter a late Christmas card.
We ate treats and drank cocoa and coffee.

Later that day we left and took a tram to another part of the town, and went to a thrift store. I bought a vest and a dress, then we took a subway to another part of the town and went to another thrift store. I bought a dress and a skirt.
Then we walked to another thrift store, but I didn't find anything special.

I also paid Mirette back for buying me a cup of cocoa yesterday evening.

We took a tram to downtown and then a train to my hometown.

Once at my home, I took my evening medicine with strawberry juice and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.

I did a little bit of this and that; recharged my smartphone; cut my fringe shorter; watched Keeping up Appearances; cut the price tags off my new clothes and put the tags into recycling; and turned the clothes inside out and put them into the laundry basket

I made two little packages in envelopes; one is for Elysion who forgot her earrings at my home, and also a necklace that was her birthday and Christmas present. And another for Sadie, her Christmas gift arrived from the online shop a bit late and I won't get to send it to her until now.

At half past nine o'clock in the evening, I got an anxiety bout.

Tomorrow my care worker will come for the weekly appointment at 1:15 pm. I will wash the dishes, after the appointment I will go to the library to return some books, and then fetch the laundry from the downstairs drying room.
In the evening, me and Mirette will go to the strobe light art festival again.

On Thursday, me and Mirette will go to a happening in a library downtown, there is a DJ playing 1960's girl group music.
In the evening, I will go to the year's first youth group at the church.

On Friday, I will pay a commission to Candy; pay a bill; and in the evening, I will go to movies with Mirette to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

On Saturday, I will go to the first scout meeting. I will also do the housework again; I will tidy up the bathroom, replace the towels, and take out the recycling.

On Sunday, I will go see my parents. I will call my granny, and my dad will give me the weekly allowance.
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