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Carrie is the love I was betrayed for

I stayed awake all night because, well, I simply didn’t feel like sleeping. I knew I had to sleep, but I simply wasn’t interested in it.
Of course, I could have turned off the lights, gone to bed, pulled the covers up to my chin, lied my head on the pillow, cuddled with my teddy bear, and thought about all the things that the Ramones used to sing about, and soon I would have fallen fast asleep.

Anyway, in the morning I took my medicine and biotin supplement, put lotion on my skin, got dressed, and brushed my teeth.

I spent the morning watching video clips of Stephen King’s Carrie movies and musical.

Later that day, I went to parish and got a coupon for food. Then I went to the pharmacy and got a new batch of prescribed medicine, and then I went to the psychiatric center to have my anti- psychotic medicine prescription renewed; I could have renewed it online, but as it is a special permission prescription, it has to be renewed in paper form. Then I went to the grocery shop and bought healthy food.

Once back home, I made cocoa and ate a little snack, and soon I started feeling sick and threw up.

I took a nap to sleep off all the sleep debt. When I woke up, I had a weird sort of pressure- like painful feeling in my head. I watched a bit of Keeping up Appearances, and then I took another nap.

I had missed the knitting group, but now I had enough spoons to go to the youth group at the church.

Once there, I ate plenty of treats; popcorn, licorice, cashew nuts, chili nuts, and drank lime- strawberry juice. I took part in the praying circle; we watched a YouTube video about a Finnish saint who died as a martyr, we sang hymns, discussed the importance of good deeds, hugged and blessed each other.

After the group, I took some discarded trolleys to the supermarket, and looked for Valentine’s day cards. I have already picked the design from the cards that have their postage fees paid by a charitable company.

I took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils and put cream on my face. I put on a fresh nightie and went to bed.

My nose ring smells weird. I kind of like it.

I have a weird pain in my upper arms, the same kind of pain you get after receiving a vaccination.

I have been thinking of my hair curled and dyed strawberry blonde this year.
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