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A visit to the hospital and a free concert

Me and Mirette were still asleep when Suavecito called Mirette and wondered where the hell we were. We both took it as a sign to get up. I took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, drank a cup of cocoa, and put on my new dress.

We missed the train, so we took the next one to the town where Suavecito usually picks us up. He was waiting in his car in front of the convenience store, and Mara was there as well. Eleclya couldn't come because she had some other business to attend to.

Suavecito drove us to a thrift store, I waited in the car. They took about an hour and arrived with shopping bags full of stuff. Suavecito drove us to a supermarket, I waited in the car once again. They bought food and drinks.

Suavecito drove us to the hospital where Rige is being treated. We had coffee, exchanged gifts and cards, and then we went to the hobby room.

After a while, the visiting hours were over and we had to leave. Suavecito drove us to my home, and him and Mara came over for coffee and chitchat.
I scrubbed the bathroom wash basin and the kitchen stove, and re- arranged the dirty dishes in neat piles. I also washed my hair and blow- dried it.

Later that day we all left at the same time; Suavecito drove his car back to his home, and me, Mirette, and Mara took a train downtown. Me and Mirette continued by taking a subway to Volcano City where Mirette picked up her passport at her father's apartment, and then we took a subway to Fish Town where we went to a bar where a free concert was about to begin; we left our winter gear and backpacks but took our smartphones, diaries, and writing utensils along.

I drank water from a beer glass, and got a stomach ache.

After our favorite band, The Shrieks, had played the concert, we both went to hug the singer who apologized for being sweaty, and then we left.

We took a bus and then another bus back to my hometown, and went to a diner where Mirette ordered sweet potato fries. We sat into a booth and fiddled with our smartphones, and this random old dude with a lazy eye started flirting with us. Yuck! Fortunately our fries were ready, and we scooted back home.

Once there, I took my evening medicine with cocoa, and then I emptied my keeper.
I ate my part of the fries, and then I went to bed fully clothed because I didn't feel like changing into a nightie; especially when I would put these same clothes back on tomorrow morning, that is, if I was even awake in the morning. This month I have fallen asleep at the small hours and gotten up late in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I will walk to my parents' home and back. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny. As for the money, I need to buy oat milk.
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