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My plans for Monday, January 27th - Sunday, February 2nd

Monday, January 27th:
I will have a doctor's appointment at the health center at one o'clock in the afternoon. I will talk about the myriad of health problems I have; itchy feet, constantly runny nose, sweet cravings, pimples, rashes, greasy hair, rancid farts, nosebleeds, insomnia, achy back, and the small wounds around my butthole.
After that, I will go to the supermarket to buy toilet paper, and then I will go to the aquarium downtown. In the evening, I will go to the gym and work out as usual; do full body stretches, and then use the crosstrainer.

Tuesday, January 28th:
I will go to movies to see Cats. After that, I will go visit my mother so she will give me the weekly allowance. I will be spent on Valentine's day cards.

Wednesday, January 29th:
I will go to the swimming pool and swim as many laps as I can, and then go to the sauna.
In the evening, I will go to the writing group.

Thursday, January 30th:
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at half past noon. I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
In the evening, me and Mirette will go to a free concert.

Friday, January 31st:
I will receive the weekly allowance. The first thing to do is to pay two bills, and then I will buy all of the next month's birthday and name- day cards and postage stamps.
My friend Elysion will come for a sleepover with her boyfriend.

Saturday, February 1st:
I will do the weekly housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, change the towels.

Sunday, February 2nd:
Elysion and her boyfriend will go home, after that I will go visit my parents. I will call my granny, and my dad will give me the weekly allowance. I will buy Valentine's day cards with it.
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