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My plans for Monday, April 12th - Sunday, April 18th

Monday, April 12th:
I will take a shower, put hair oil on my hair tips before washing and hair conditioner after washing my hair.
I will buy a new reflective plastic cover for my travel card.
If it doesn't snow, I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home.
After leaving, I will visit the library and return all the items I have.
I will travel downtown and visit the nearest Body Shop to recycle the eye cream I bought once, and go to a shop to buy a birthday gift for a friend, and mail it to him.
I will also go visit "everything costs a euro" shop and buy air freshener.
I will call my friend Elysion.

Tuesday, April 13th:
I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home.
If the weather is fine, I will go visit two beaches and one park.

Wednesday, April 14th:
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at half past two o'clock in the afternoon. I will wash the dishes, fold the laundry, change the pillowcase and face / hand / kitchen towels, and scrub the toilet bowl.
I will go visit my parents. If the weather is fine, I will either ride my bicycle, or walk there.

Thursday, April 15th:
I will take a shower, put on hair conditioner and then wash my hair and put on a hair mas.
I will recharge my travel card.
I will go visit my parents.

Friday, April 16th:
I will receive the weekly allowance.
I will go to a milkshake bar to taste- test mint chocolate milkshake.
I will buy four pairs of titanium earrings of the same size, and have them fitted into the holes in my earlobes. I have three in each one, and I want to have numbers two and three fitted, and the first hole left bare so I can put other earrings in.
I will also buy a Netflix gift card and biotin supplements.

Saturday, April 17th:
I will do the weekly housework; change the towels and bed sheets, take out the recycling, tidy up the bathroom.

Sunday, April 18th:
I will go visit my parents, they will give me the weekly allowance. I will make the weekly phonecall to my granny.
As for the money, from now on I will do grocery shopping on Sundays.
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