Today was nice, I guess...

I got up in the afternoon, and the first thing to notice was that my keeper was overflowing. I went to the bathroom to take my morning meds, emptied my keeper, and then I got dressed.

I got dressed and called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.

I took a bus to my parents' home, my mom let me in and dad was home as well.

My lower back started hurting extremely badly, I had to order a taxi to the ER. They gave me pain killers.

I took a bus back home in tertible pain.
Once there, I took my evening meds and went for a walk.

It was completely useless, the delusions bothered me the entire time.

I changed into a nightie and went to bed.

My back and head hurts, and I feel delusional.

Tomorrow my care worker will come for the weekly appointment; I will wash the dishes, fold the laundry, scrub the toilet bowl, change the pillowcase and face-, hand-, and kitchen towels.
I will go visit my parents by walking there and back.

On Thursday, I will receive money for recharging my travel card.
I will take a shower, put hair conditioner into my hair and wash it and put on a hair mask.
I will walk to my parents' home and back.

On Friday, I will have an appointment for shortening my bangs and having my eyebrows done.
I will order a box of Tru Earth laundry strips, buy a Netflix gift card, and go visit the vintage thrift stores.

On Saturday, I will do the weekly housework.

On Sunday, I will walk to my parents' home and back. They will give me the weekly allowance.
I will call my granny.


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