January 6th, 2011


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Yesterday was sort of peculiar.

In the morning I got up approximately at four o'clock. I had, once again, dreamed of Rautalampi. I have those kinds of dreams so often I have stopped thinking of them, they seem to be a permanent part of my nightly shenanigans nowadays.

After surfing on the Internet, I bathed like never before; along with the usual cleansing rituals I used the BodyShop olive peeling cream on my hands (call me vain if you want, but I was thinking of buying a tube of Herbina peeling cream especially for my hands) and BodyShop Vitamin C peeling cream on my face, and conditioned my hair. After I had dressed up, I felt very clean and scrubbed.

I brewed a nice bowl of porridge for breakfast and washed the dishes, then I washed a load of laundry and then the first problem of the day occurred; my drying rack was broken, and I had to haul the laundry downstairs to the common tumble dryer. I was a bit worried about it as it would probably end up in trouble with the other inhabitants, there are always quarrels about who gets to use the washing machine or the drying room or the tumble dryer.

I chucked the drying rack, good riddance. I also called my mom to her work to ask her if we can do a little discreet shopping over the weekend; I needed a new drying rack. I knew my mom would agree, she doesn't mind buying household items like cooking utensils and such for me.
I also would have liked a vegetable grater, but I didn't dare to ask.

I went down the Kitler hill to the mall, when it was still dark. If I remember correctly, it was only eight p.m. and the mall was just opened.

I went to Citymarket, bought two chocolate bars, went back and bought two more chocolate bars when I remembered that tomorrow is Epiphany and the shops will be closed and there's no fucking way I am going to go to some poxy small- town Siwa to buy two chocolate bars worth 2 euros each. Besides I'd rather shop in supermarkets anyway, the have larger selection and cheaper prices.

Once home, I went to the laundromat to see if my laundry was done. The program was not done yet, but I decided to take the laundry out anyway, foolish enough. My clothes were damp and burning hot, so I put the dampest back to the tumble dryer.

I started feeling mighty bored as the sun rose. I started doing housework; I washed the dishes once again, hoovered the crumbs off, cleaned the stove, aired my apartment, wiped the bathroom mirror clean and so on.

Suvi had told me she would show up today to bring me the Transformers messenger bag she had ordered for me.
She arrived about at three p.m., and she brought the bag.
I loved it! It's so sweet and awesome! And I love Suvi too, for ordering it for me. I immediately put all of my stuff to the bag.

We chatted a little and Suvi brewed a cup of tea for herself, then we went to the mall as Suvi had to visit a beautician to get her eyebrows and lashes done.

We drove to Myyrmanni on Suvi's car, then we went to Lindex where I spotted the most amazing black leather hotpants and a plaid skirt! I decided that I would go back there on Friday and ask if they could be put aside for next Tuesday, when I receive money and go buy them.

Suvi went to the fitting room, I hugged her goodbye and thanked her for the messenger bag. Then I went to the gym, noticed it was closed for today, went back home and started watching Trainspotting on DVD.

A fucking OK day, I guess.
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