January 9th, 2011


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I have decided to send Valentine's day cards this year, to all of the people whose address I have:

1_and_the_many, aarau, allthe_crows, angelstgabriel, bruiseme_please, burlymanvagina, carlomelo, cezanator, derkapitan, fuzzy_ninja, gaia_child, gynocide, i_luv_mikeypooh, mckaarle, michichu2, mimi_elizabetha, naggingfishwife, nasukeiju_, norsu_neiti, opethian23, pteropusvenom, quadruplify, routaneito, spankpig, toxicjellybean, vastatuuli, vuotava_nuotti, weirdsister_fis, xxsomeoneelsexx

If you're not on the list but you'd like a card from me, send me your snail mail address at [metsarosvo@hotmail.com], and I'll send you one.

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Yesterday me and my parents went to see my grandma in Kangasala.

In the morning I managed to bathe properly, do a little housework and visit the shops before my dad called and told me he's going to pick me up.

I went downstairs to wait for my father, while standing there a strange man said hello to me. I have never understood why men are always greeting women they don't know.

Dad had been to Kodin Ykkönen to see if there was something he could buy for grandma, a FinnHook for example. We drove to Martinlaakso to pick up my mom and brother, whose Christmas break was over and he was supposed to return to Tampere. Sami had lots of stuff he was supposed to take with him, we loaded the car full of his bags and then set off.

Sami was a bit nauseous during the drive, every now and then he threw up into a Citymarket plastic bag.
The trip was made in silence, once in Tampere I helped my parents to take the bags to Sami's room in the student commune. He didn't want to visit grandma as he visits her quite often as she lives a moderately short journey away from him.

Once in Kangasala, grandma had cooked lots of delicious food. It was probably last Christmas when I was stuffed so full of delicious food, but I also started feeling a bit ill.

Dad helped grandma to set up her computer, I scribbled into my diary in silence.

When grandma served us coffee, I had berry juice, and we talked about things and stuff.

We had to leave early before the grocery shops were closed, grandma gave me some chocolate and the Karelian pies she had baked herself. I have always loved her Karelian pies, they're the best in the world!

On the way to Vantaa, I received a text message from the local pharmacist, telling me that the Solian medicines I had ordered had finally arrived. I asked my dad to drop me off at the pharmacist which is quite near my home street.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the pharmacist and got the medicines I had ordered, and looked for some prescription- free acne lotion. I was looking for something that doesn't make my skin all dry or doesn't dissolve colours from fabrics. Too bad they had none of them.

I visited Citymarket to buy chocolate, before it was closed.

In the evening when I went to sleep, I couldn't help noticing how comfortable and restful I felt. It was a really good feeling.

As for today, I did nothing special, just the usual Sunday things; housework, visited my parents, they weren't home, then went to the gym.
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I don't know why, but for some reason I feel worried.

And lonely too, but I'm not going to write another entry about how I miss my guinea who died seven years ago, nor how I want to confess my parents about my sexuality but don't feel brave enough, nor some shit like that.

Sometimes I feel like I want to scream and tear my hair and pound my head against a wall.