January 13th, 2011


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There must be this special rule in my life that once a month, I have about a week- long spell in which I have lots of wacky dreams every night. Don't remember much of them now.

This morning I got up a bit early, about at half past eight. Well, some of you working and studying people might think it's actually a bit late, but nowadays when I don't do any work or studies YET, I can sleep as late as I want.

I had the leftovers of yesterday's chocolate for breakfast, and while surfing on the Internet I decided to check out the page in my bookmarks; a nightstand for sale in JYSK is now in discount, only 40 euros until January 22nd!
Instantly I called my dad and asked, my voice as sweet as honey, if we could go buy it during the weekend, and he agreed. So that's that!

After finishing the morning routines and hanging the laundry, I took a plastic bag full of clothes to a UFF recycling bank and then took a bus to Helsinki, I wanted to visit the Sederholm house again.

Once in Helsinki, I had to pee so I went to Kiasma, they have a free toilet. I visited the shop to see if they had new diaries for sale, and they had a couple of new ones.

Then I visited the Ateneum museum, they had new diaries too. I added them to my shopping list.

I finally made it to the Sederholm house, but didn't feel like staying too long.

I visited Monki to see if they still had the dress I had set my eye on last autumn. I only saw a cardigan with the same design, I grabbed one from the rack and showed it to the shop assistant, asking her if they still had those kind of dresses for sale.
She pointed to the - 75 % discount rack, where I found the dress of my dreams and it cost only five euros! Luckily I had a five euro note in my wallet, so I bought it.

I visited the K- Market in the central railway station and bought a can of Estonian carrot juice, it made me feel very refreshed. Then I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, where I visited Citymarket to buy a canister of laundry detergent.

Once home, I decided not to cook potato mash as I find cooking a little challenging.

At five p.m., I went to the home meeting that was held in Laura's apartment. Everyone was there, except Naskali who has skipped every meeting ever since he moved to Kilterinrinne.
Rami held the meeting, it was really nice as he is the best- loved counselor from Casa Franca; he is very gentle, has a nice sense of humor and is also a good listener.

After the meeting he checked out my apartment, and I told him about my gayness and how I want to come out of the closet on my parents, but I'm afraid of their reaction; the thing is, I am dead serious they won't start hating me and turn their backs against me, I think they would rather be like Good grief, why can't the young hussy ever get a grip of herself? First she drops out of high school, spends her money like the prodigal son and now she thinks she's a lesbian!


I really like the movie Whip it!
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