January 15th, 2011


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Yesterday evening while looking at my DeviantART favourites, I decided to delete the ones put on storage and the ones that made me think: "Why the hell did I add this?"
I also used my snazzy printer to print some pictures I had found on, and hung them on my walls.
I was satisfied with the result and didn't mind how much ink I had wasted, even if it took a lot of Scotch tape to prevent them from flapping in the draught.

Herregud, I had such perverted dreams I woke up with my pussy wet. I started thinking how it would feel if I clipped a clothes peg on my labia, and wondering if I am bisexual in my dreams. I am already an urophiliac in my dreams.

I had woken up with a start three times during the night; once when a (I don't know what is the proper English word for it, but it's one of those hooks that you use to hold towels in your bathroom) fell off the wall in my bathroom, once when an ornament fell off the wall and dropped on my bed, and once again when an ornament fell off the cupboard door.

After getting up, I was a bit frustrated because I had no chocolate in my home; I had gobbled up all of yesterday's chocolate in bed, usually I should have chocolate in the morning or I'll be a little morose.

As it is the halfway of the month, I have another major clean- up weekend. I started it by washing a load of laundry, changing the towels and putting the week- old bedsheets to the laundry basket.

I hate it how in the mornings all my bad memories remind me of their existence; usually when I have the usual every- morning tooth- brushing and face- washing and take a shower, I recall the memories from grade school.
I remember how in primary school I used to be called names that made absolutely no sense, like fat ass or nigger, despite being Caucasian and never being fat, silly names like Teeny Weeny Tinksy- Winksy or Miia the Marmot Mangle or something like that, and teachers just laughed at my face when I told them about that. Once in fifth grade music class I was crying because a gaggle of boys made fun of me, the teacher dragged me out of the class, grabbed my chin and asked "Miia, why are you bullying me?"
In junior high I was called with ruder names; a stupid whore, fat cunt and ugly bitch, once my best friend told me that I have a face like a cow's ass. But at least the teachers started taking me seriously.

After I had finished my breakfast, I started feeling really worried and guilty for absolutely no reason. I have noticed I have felt the same a few mornings before, and I don't even know why. I guess I am just a little emotionally sensitive after waking up.

Nevertheless, I went down the Kitler hill to Citymarket to buy rye bread and chocolate. I also visited the library to lend a Moomin DVD.

I have noticed that my paranoia and panic attacks have grown worse; nowadays I avoid going outside too much, well, I know that the voices I hear are just a part of the chemical imbalance of my brain, but they still get on my nerves.
I have read that most schizophrenic symptoms cease as you grow older, now I'm not so sure.

Once home, I started doing housework; I washed about seven loads of laundry, hoovered and moped the floor (and my hallway smelled of cheese again), wiped the desks and tables clean, aired my apartment, changed the bedsheets and towels. Tomorrow I'll wash the dishes, clean up the bathroom, wash the garbage bins, beat the carpets, do some more laundry and iron some clothes and linen.

Suvi the routaneito visited me today; she looked lovely as always and her perfume smelled very pleasant.

I made some tea, and we had a nice evening sitting on the sofa talking our heads off, sipping tea (I had black vanilla tea, Suvi had lemon- honey and I was about to write lemon- hiney) and me loading and unloading the laundry machine and knitting the scarf I had started in 2009. And I managed to finish it! It's now 2 meters 22 centimeters/7 feet 28 inches long. And very colourful.

I felt a bit sad when she left, after all we had had such good time. We agreed to meet on Valentine's day, go to the Post museum and then have some sushi in Helsinki. Sounds nice.

I have decided that each payday I will deposit a tenner to my savings account. And if I have some change left between paydays, I will deposit them to my savings. It's not much, but at least it's good to save even a small amount of money for the rainy day every now and then.

I have decided not to buy Doc Martens boots this spring, I will settle for biker boots, the kind of ones that Lori Petty wears in Tank Girl. The ones that Heluna Fashion sells are a lot cheaper, and not to mention they're made of cruelty free materials.
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Ganked from fuzzy_ninja

Sailor Moon
[ ] You’re a Cancer.
[ ] You’re really quite short for your age (under 4’11” to 5’1”).
[x] You are a hyperactive person.
[x] Your weakness is cute boys/girls & junk food.
[x] You’re very emotional & always seem to be crying over something.
[ ] You have a black cat.
[ ] You hate school, & your least favorite subject is math.
[x] You always seem to be late.
[x] You may be kind & loving, but you are very jealous.
[x] You try to do good.
Total: 6

Sailor Chibi Moon
[ ] You’re the youngest of your group of friends.
[ ] You have/had pink (in your) hair.
[ ] Your hobbies are painting/drawing.
[x] You have a total sweet tooth.
[x] Your favorite colors would be red & pink.
[x] You’re typically childish & stubborn.
[x] But you can be selfless, kind, trusting, & wise beyond your years.
[ ] You make friends very easily.
[ ] Your mother is very childish/not mother-like.
[ ] You wish you were from the future.
Total: 4

Sailor Mercury
[ ] You love school & are quite good at it/You have no least favorite subject.
[x] You are always stressed out.
[x] You love the color aquamarine.
[ ] You’re sign is a Virgo.
[ ] You have/had blue (in your) hair.
[x] You are quite shy, & find it hard to make friends.
[ ] You are always very kind & helpful towards everyone.
[ ] Your favorite sport is swimming.
[ ] Your mom is always working.
[ ] You want to be a doctor/nurse when you’re older.
Total: 3

Sailor Mars
[x] You have a bad temper.
[ ] You hate learning about more modern history (within the last 100 years).
[ ] Your dream job is to be a singer or model.
[ ] You have dated someone your friend had a crush on.
[ ] You have a friend you’re always fighting with.
[ ] You can run in high heels.
[ ] Your favorite color is red & black.
[ ] You love fortune-telling.
[ ] You used to be a complete loner, but now you are popular.
[ ] Your sign is an Aries.
Total: 1

Sailor Jupiter
[ ] You hate airplanes.
[x] You’re a tomboy, but have a girly side.
[ ] You’ve always been taking care of yourself & are independent.
[ ] You’re very strong-willed.
[ ] You’re a troublemaker, or so people think.
[ ] You’re one of the tallest of your group of friends.
[ ] Your sign is a Sagittarius.
[ ] You have an ex who you’re always thinking about since everything reminds you of them.
[ ] You have dated a lot of people.
[ ] You love cooking more than anything.
Total: 1

Sailor Venus
[ ] You have a white cat.
[x] Your favorite foods are Japanese foods.
[ ] Your favorite colors are red & yellow.
[x] You love to exercise.
[ ] You are very cheerful person.
[ ] You love singing & want to be a singer when you’re older.
[ ] You’re good at almost any sport.
[ ] You’re an only child.
[ ] Your sign is a Libra.
[ ] You would fake your own death.
Total: 2

Sailor Uranus
[ ] You have short hair, enough to be mistake for a boy.
[ ] You love watching cars race or you race cars.
[ ] Your sign is an Aquarius.
[x] You’re into the same sex as yourself.
[x] You’re easily annoyed by people.
[ ] You have a very dry sense of humor.
[ ] You enjoy running (track or cross country).
[ ] You have a girlfriend (or if you’re a boy, boyfriend).
[ ] You love to confuse people.
[ ] You’re a huge flirt.
Total: 1

Sailor Neptune
[x] You’re average height for your gender.
[ ] You’re very elegant & lady-like.
[x] You are into the same sex as yourself.
[ ] You have a girlfriend (or if boy, boyfriend) that you just pretend is a good
[ ] You are very selfless.
[ ] You’re a Pisces.
[x] Your least favorite food is mushrooms.
[x] You love music more than anything.
[ ] You have/had green (in your) hair.
[ ] You can play an instrument of some sort.
Total: 4

Sailor Pluto
[ ] You’re a Scorpio.
[ ] You want to be a fashion designer when you’re older.
[ ] Your favorite color is dark red.
[x] You drink green tea.
[x] You are not the best at playing music.
[x] You are quite blunt with your statements.
[ ] You enjoy sewing & cooking.
[x] You would be considered a loyal friend.
[ ] If you could have one superpower, it’d be to tell the future.
[ ] The bug you hate the most are cockroaches.
Total: 5

Sailor Saturn
[ ] You are by far the shortest of your group of friends.
[x] Milk disgusts you.
[x] You enjoy reading more than anything.
[ ] You hate working out because you’re considered weak.
[ ] You’re an only child.
[ ] You have very few friends.
[x] You’re a Capricorn.
[ ] You’re a very shy person.
[ ] You live with your father.
[x] You care for others & appreciates sincere friendships.
Total: 4

I am Sailor Moon? I kind of suspected that...
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