January 16th, 2011


Happy as a clam

I had pretty intensive dream; I was smoking cannabis with Joey Kurt (an OC created by pteropusvenom) in this weird storage house- turned- into- art- museum, we were getting quite flirty and makey- outy with each other.

It made me think I should start smoking weed. At least cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, it has never killed anyone, and it might help my mental health.
But then again, it is still dangerous and illegal. I am already ruining my health by eating two chocolate bars a day and two bags of crisps every week, and that's enough for me.

In the morning I was a bit grumpy because there was not a single fucking crumb of chocolate in the house, so I brewed myself a nice cup of sweet vanilla tea, scrubbed myself thoroughly and had breakfast.

I got bored, so I decided to go meet my parents. At first I was thinking of walking to Martinlaakso, but the roads were uneven and slippery with ice, so I decided to take a bus.

Once in Martinlaakso, I intended to visit this peculiar cash point that gives out ten euro bills (usually in Finnish cash points, the smallest bill they give out is 20 euros), but what do you know? It was out of order!
Nevertheless, I went to S- Market and bought chocolate, a big pack of handkerchiefs and a sponge I use to clean up my bathroom.

Mom and dad were not home as they were visiting the JYSK store in Tammisto where they picked up my nightstand.

Once they were home, they both started complaining about my poor posture, and my mom really made me feel sad when she advised me not to eat more chocolate as I have grown round.
It might be a self- esteem issue, but when my mom complains about my weight I start thinking of starting a diet; it's because I love her, and I want her to love me, and sometimes I think she would love me more if I wasn't so round.

But that's when I grew bored of them, and left. Dad told me he was going to visit me after gym, to assemble the nightstand.

I was thinking of walking back to Myyrmäki to get a little exercise; I decided to walk a little longer way and pass by places I haven't visited for a long time, such as the kiosk Karenina where me and Suvi used to buy berry juice in alien- shaped cans; my childhood home in Laajaniitynkuja, and so on.

When walking past another kiosk, I slipped and fell on my side. I hurt my knee pretty badly and got a nasty bruise.

When passing the Martinlaakso bus station, I decided to take the bus 530 to Myyrmäki as I didn't feel like walking anymore. Or actually, I wanted to walk but started thinking: "Well, now that there's a bus nearby, I might as well take it".

Once home, I continued doing the housework. I ironed some clothes and linen, washed the dishes and cleaned up my bathroom, a bit less scrupulously than usual. I blame it on the sponge.

Later the evening dad showed up in his gym equipment. He dragged along the cardboard box with the nightstand parts, I helped him assemble it.
Dad suspected that the nightstand was made of shoddy materials, and that later the screws should be tightened a little. I hugged him, and before he left I asked him to take home the lamp I had kept on the nightstand, its lampshade is broken and besides it's too conservative for my home; I might visit Aurinko when I get paid, and buy a better one.

I tried to do some simple stretches and other exercises, but it didn't help. I mean, when I exercise, it has no effect on me; I don't get the feeling my muscles or joints feel any better or fitter, I just get exhausted and grumpy. I hate it.
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