January 18th, 2011


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This morning I woke up probably at quarter past two, when I heard a strange noise from my bathroom. I got up, went to take a pee and checked if nothing had dropped.

I went back to bed, but didn't get anymore sleep so I turned on the lights, turned on my laptop and ate what was left of yesterday's chocolate.

I decided to go back to bed, after all it was only four a.m. and besides my welfare money would arrive to my bank account after twenty- five to one p.m.

I didn't get any sleep. I think it was because I forgot to take my medication on Monday morning.
I just laid in my bed, staring at the rugged ceiling, thinking: Aahh. Peace and quiet. So veeeeery quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

I took two Ketipinor pills, and soon the rugged ceiling changed into a vision of the sapphire blue sky with fluffy white clouds. I was fast asleep.

I woke up, and got up at midday, so I guess the pills were effective.

I logged on to my online bank account and noticed I had received my welfare. I deposited ten euros to my savings and 13 euros to Suvi; we had agreed that I would cover the cost of the Transformers shoulder bag she ordered me in four parts. No, the bag was not ordered in four parts, I would pay the price in four parts.

I watched the movie Ghost World with Swedish subtitles all the way to the end, then I washed the dishes.

I decided to go shopping, I had to buy a new lamp for my bedside table and some groceries.

I had decided to wear the kitty hoodie outside as it was moderately warm outside; it wasn't sunny, but the temperature was over zero and the snow was melting into water.

I went to the cash point and withdrew 70 euros, then I took a bus to Helsinki. I had decided to buy the lamp from this hippie shop named Aurinko [the Sun].

Once in Helsinki, it was getting dusky. After getting off the bus I slipped and almost fell into a puddle, getting my gloves wet in the process. I took them off and put them into my pocket.

I went to the Kamppi shopping center, visited Aurinko and bought a psychedelic green lamp. I have owned the same kind of lamp before, except it was blue.
The shop assistant charged me extra five euros for a energy- saving light bulb.

I visited Citymarket and bought rye bread, tomatoes, Jell-O packages (lime, grape, cherry), two bars of chocolate, a bag of vinegar crisps and a bottle of fabric softener. They didn't sell the Wileda sponges nor the sandwich spread I had wanted, so I decided to buy them from Myyrmanni.

I walked through the rain and darkness to the bus station and slipped only once, and took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki. I went to Citymarket and bought the sandwich spread, and I only now remembered I had forgotten to buy the Wileda sponges. I also decided not to buy avocados as they weren't ripe enough.

Then I went to the pharmacist to buy a tube of Aqualan Plus, I had run out of it yesterday.

And suddenly I am tight on money yet again, despite not spending it on anything frivolous. Nah, I think I will manage.
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