January 19th, 2011


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Yesterday evening, after getting to bed, I wrote my diary to midnight and noticed that my new lamp gives off a strange poison green hue when lit, like a radioactive UFO.

I didn't get any sleep, so I swallowed two Ketipinors and slept as sweet as a baby.

I had a dream I ventured to the common sauna department downstairs, and found a man in his birthday suit suffering from a hangover. In another dream, my mom told me she won't support me financially anymore. Her laughter was something between apologetic, bitter and cold humor.

The morning was pretty much the usual; got up, took meds, made bed, turned on laptop, checked e- mails 'n friend's updates, ate chocolate, wore slippers and dressing gown, took about a hour and half before I had a wash and a shower. Used peeling cream on face, hands and conditioner on hair.

Yesterday evening when I had picked up an outfit for today, I had decided to wear my Miso Sushi t- shirt, but then decided to eschew it as wearing only a t- shirt would be a bit chilly. I decided to wear my most bohemian button- up shirt.

I spent the entire day all the way to half past three p.m. inside, reading and writing and surfing on the Internet. First I felt calm, then I felt a little nervous and then frustrated, so I went out.

I visited the bank to withdraw some money, then I went to the library and lent a buttload of comic albums. Then I went to Citymarket, bought two chocolate bars and two bags of carrots.

When I walked home, it was getting dark. I decided not to go to the gym today, instead I stayed inside reading comic books and eating chocolate. Right now I'm listening to The Yellow Submarine soundtrack, and waiting for my grape Jello to set.
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I haz an idea

I might start learning new things, or at least, start memorizing some things.

I have been thinking of starting to learn the basic HTML codes by heart, you know, how to post links and make an lj- cut.

The one thing I also have to learn is all of the shortenings of the names of the states of U.S., such as NJ for New Jersey and FL for Florida (comes in handy when writing letters/postcards to my American friends).

Nothing is better than indulging myself in Wikipedia. It's always nice to learn a thing or two about 50's science fiction movies, college rock bands and Slavic mythology.

Which reminds me, I called the night school principal today and told him I am going to attend the second compulsory biology class in autumn, so that's that. I might start preparing myself to it, reading some chapters of the book here and there, so when the class begins I am already halfway through it, so to say.

And not to mention, I should learn more healthy habits such as cooking proper food (I need to look up a few recipes that are rich on protein and other nutrients I might lack due to not eating any meat), exercising (how to straighten my back and flatten my belly) and other things.

Learning new things is kind of fun. Reading is fun too, and so is doing research on the Internet.
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I usually post very detailed entries of my life and thoughts, but is there anything you'd like to read more about? Anything?

Would you like if I posted more photos or videos? If so, what would they be about?

Whether it be my menstrual pains, my least favourite chocolate or my opinion on the debate whether Soylent Green is people too, you can tell me about it and I will start writing more about it.

And oh, as for the things mentioned, I usually have feelings of tenseness in my thighs, stomach and lower back, my butt feels numb and underbelly feels numb but one Burana and it's awwright.
My least favourite chocolate is dark chocolate, or any chocolate with chili and cookie crisp.
As for the latter, I haven't seen the movie as it is a bastard to find in Finnish libraries or shops, and besides I don't want to give my entry a spoiler alert so I think I'd better shut my trap.
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