January 26th, 2011


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This morning I amused myself by going through the oldest entries, correcting the typos and grammatical errors, choosing proper icons and tagging the entries. Go me.

ED!T: Hahaha, I actually deleted some st00pid entries so I guess the milestone party is delayed.

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I know I have done this kind of request thing before and not completed it, but by Primus this time I will.

Is there any aspect in my life you'd see a photo of? Such as, parts of my apartment or my hometown or something like that? Plz comment and I'll snap a photo of it.
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Sometimes I have pretty serious problems with sleeping; last Saturday when I returned from the library and I was a bit exhausted, I reclined on my bed and read Dykes To Watch Out For comic albums, and as usually when I lay down, I started feeling sleepy and tally ho what do you know, I ended up going to sleep early as fuck (I accidentally wrote "duck") and the same thing happened on Sunday.
I almost lost my faith in life, I started thinking "What's the point in getting up in the morning when I go to sleep anyway in the evening?"

Luckily these days I have become more zesty, to the point that I have to take two chill pills if I stay awake at midnight. I blame it on nomming too much chocolate while surfing on the Internet.

This morning I woke up when it was still dark, the noises from the constructicon site woke me up but I didn't mind.

As always on Wednesday mornings, I changed the towels into clean ones and used peeling cream on my face and hands when having the morning wash, and conditioner on my hair when I took a shower.

It was a sunny day today but also cold as fuck (I once again wrote "duck"!).

Today I made a solid decision; I visited the employment agency to ask if they can hook me up with the same kind of work experience period I attended in spring 2009, and I have three perfectly good reasons; more experience on my future occupation, something to do during daytime and a little extra cash.
Mainly because of the cash, I realized that saving money isn't my cup of Darjeeling; every time I try to save, I notice that I end up being strapped for cash and then I have to empty my savings account. And I desperately need to do more important purchases as spring draws near, such as the biker boots, counterpane and some kitchen equipment.

I'm not sure if I like the new arrangement in the employment services; Vantaa services youths under 25 years in Myyrmäki, adults over 25 are sent to Tikkurila. While I think it's the most rotten kind of bureaucracy, I'm also glad I'm only 22 years old and the employment agency is practically in my neighborhood.

Before visiting the agency, I went to Citymarket to buy chocolate and then to the library to pick up my request, Donnie Darko on DVD.

In the agency, I asked the janitor if Mrs Piiroinen, the one who had helped me in 2009 had retired, and he directed me to a woman who seemed to be in charge.
I told her I want to attend the same kind of work experience period I attended in 2009, and she asked me if this Mrs Piiroinen was an occupational psychologist or, um, something else I can't remember.
I was a bit bewildered at how little I remembered, and apologetically told her that I'm a little bit lost with all these terms and -isms. She just laughed heartily and said that she feels the same way too.
She jotted down some details I had told her, along with my contact information, and told me she'll call me later after they had sorted things out.
I left, feeling relieved.

The main reason I had went out was that I was supposed to go to Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and buy birthday cards for the February babies; mckaarle, vuotava_nuotti, carlomelo, burlymanvagina, cityrocker and Vanessa, who is not on ElGay. I also thought of buying a birthday card for my br'er whose birthday is February 20th, but decided to pass on that as he never appreciates my friendly gestures.

I was thinking of going to the Suomalainen Kirjakauppa in Kamppi shopping center, they would have a larger selection on cards.
So I took a train to Helsinki, walked to the shopping center and bought six cards.

I also indulged myself with a bagel from Arnold's Coffee and Bakery Shop and a can of Estonian carrot juice, my favourite kind of treats.

I decided to take a bus to Martinlaakso, and visited the local library to see if they had the book Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson. I read it a little along with other books by her, then I took a bus to Myyrmäki.

For the rest of the day, I went through my old entries, corrected the typos, choose proper icons for each entry and removed the friends lock. I also deleted some old entries I didn't like.
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