February 2nd, 2011


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Things that made me happy today:

1. When I was on a bus to Helsinki, I saw a bunch of orange balloons on the top of a birch.

2. On my way back from Helsinki, I noticed a streak of golden paint on my left palm. Don't know where it came from.

3. LJ's new header.

4. This song.

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Yesterday I did nothing else than slept, I had stayed up very late on Monday and I needed to sleep all the sleepiness away. I got up at two p.m., did the usual morning routines, took a long nap, changed into nighties, took my meds and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to the sunshine, I had had very peculiar dreams.

After I had taken a shower and was eating my breakfast, I had a pretty freaked out feeling, my hands were shaking and I felt slightly hysterical.

I went to Citymarket and bought a toothbrush and two bars of chocolate. I was thinking of going for another adventure, taking a bus to Tikkurila and then a train to Helsinki, but decided to take a bus straight to Helsinki as it arrived earlier.

I was thinking of visiting some art museums, but ended up visiting shops. In Hennes& Mauritz I saw the most amazing dress made of recycled polyester, I might buy it later.

I also visited Backstreet, and heard the song I mentioned in my last post; "Uh oh, we're in trouble, something's come along and it's burst our bubble...", I decided that once I get home, I'll look up the lyrics on Google and find the song on YouTube.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki. I was feeling like another Creepy Moment was coming up, it was totally understandable.

Once home, I looked up the lyrics on Google, the song was Trouble by Shampoo. I looked it up on YouTube and fav'd it.

I took a warm shower, washed some laundry, I guess I'm okay now.

I always like to think that tomorrow might be a better day.
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