February 5th, 2011


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The past few days I have suffered from some sort of insomnia; every evening I change into pajamas, swallow my pills, brush my teeth and have a wash and then just putter around before going to bed. And then I just lay down on my bed, my eyes squeezed close, stiff as a board, or toss and turn and feel deeply worried for no reason.
I may take even five tranquillizers, but it's like eating peanuts, I don't feel any sleepier.
My dad advised me that if I don't get any sleep, I should read a book. But it's no use, if I read something I feel so wrapped up with the story so I don't feel sleepy at all.
Sometimes I get up to do a little something like straighten the carpet, put the library books in order, wipe the dust off my laptop or something. It doesn't help me sleep but at least I will get something done.

Anyway, I fall asleep somewhere at half past two a.m., sleep all the way to sunup and get up and carry on with my daily life. My insomnia doesn't affect my daytime, but it is only annoying when I can't get any sleep.
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