February 8th, 2011


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I usually write a long and detailed, prosaic entry about every day, but I haven't updated for a dew days so I guess I have lost the track of my updating. So, here's a few things.

I really should put my finances in order. That is, no more inane shopping, every time I receive my weekly allowance I will buy only groceries, such as food, hygiene products like detergents and toothpaste, sanitary pads, toilet paper etc. The only worse thing besides being flat broke is being without food and such. If I receive some extra money like the leftover I receive after all the allowances, bills and the rent is paid, I will use it for shopping.
Today I received some money, I was so happy about it but I wondered why, as my social worker Kaija who is responsible for the peculiar account had planned that in this month, the weekly allowance is paid on Fridays. I called Kaija and she answered that it might happen sometimes that the money arrives a little earlier, well, that didn't bother me much.
I bought food and hygiene products like laundry detergent, cleaning spray and Kleenexes. I also bought the rest of the Valentine's day cards for Anni, Mirva, Mimmi, Terhi, Kaarle, Suvi, Jutta, Milla and Elise.

Oh, I also met Elise today, she was going to the bus station with Piia- Maria, I greeted and hugged them both and told Elise I will send her V- day card soon.

I'm getting sick of winter, I'm more like a summer person; or more like a non- winter person as I like spring and autumn along with summer.
Today it rained snow, I had a hard time trying to walk forward with my back straight.

My insomnia is gone, nowadays I sleep as sweet as a baby without taking tranquillizers.

I hate having hiccups, it's so bloody annoying! Along with Creepy Moments and flu, my least favourite ailments.

I miss having a bag in which I could stick pins and badges, but now that I have the Transformers shoulder bag which Suvi ordered for me (and the canvas is so dense you can't stick pins to it without completely ruining it) I'm not going to reject it.

Maybe I could turn my badges, along with my postcard collection, into a modern piece of art? I could buy another billboard and stick all my postcards into it with the badges? How about it?

I just remembered, it was probably two years ago when I was walking in Rajatorppa, a part of Vantaa a few miles away, I was having a Creepy Moment which gave me hallucinations; Megatron and Soundwave from G1 Transformers were drinking cheap wine in the corner of a supermarket and shouting things at me. I mean, what the hell?
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