February 12th, 2011


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Geez, what kind of dreams I had last night! Maybe I shouldn't eat so much chocolate before bedtime.

In the first dream, an insane artist had captured me and some other women and locked them into a bizarre labyrinth; it was not because he was evil, actually he was good- willing and just wanted us to realize some things.
At first I was all: "Bah, that's so fucking retarded, there's no way I am going to do that!" but then, out of curiosity, I started wandering in the labyrinth and found it very intriguing. It was like some modern art museum!
After the third room, I woke up. Now I must say I am a bit disappointed.

In another dream, me and my family and some other people visited my family's summer cottage, we went into this small house by the lake. Suddenly a snowstorm came, and a huge wave wiped the house into nonexistence, and I lost my Transformers messenger bag along with my cellphone, ID papers, wallet and other important stuff.
Even after five years, I was still weeping my eyes out and begging my parents to find the bag.
My mom agreed to take me back to the cottage, but after the disaster some Romanian gypsies had built up a marketplace, they sold spices, clothes, music albums, jewelry and other stuff. I looked through the wrecked house and found my bag, and I was so happy about it!

After I woke up, I was facing the wall and I practically twisted my head out of place when I peered over my shoulder to see if the Transformers bag was neatly on the floor beside my writing desk. Yep, there it was.

I was a bit amazed to think it was a Saturday, a day off. Well, not exactly for me, every day is a day off for me, and besides today I was supposed to clean up my apartment.

I had a pretty normal morning. After scrubbing myself thoroughly and dressing up and cooking a decent breakfast, I stared thinking if I should start doing housework. I had already washed the bedlinen, and now the towels were in the laundry machine, I had wiped the desks and tables clean and changed the bedsheets.
I didn't feel like doing anything special; not going down the hill to buy chocolate, I didn't have enough money (I'm not flat broke but I just need to spare my money a little), not cleaning up or anything.
I looked at the light gray tiles of the kitchen department, and soon I had a goofy thought; I need to get out of this dump as soon as possible, before I die of boredom!
I decided to go down the hill to the mall and maybe buy a tiny chocolate bar, get on moving so I would feel a little refreshed before I start doing housework.

I went to Citymarket and bought a small chocolate bar filled with strawberry yogurt. I also visited the library to lend a folk music album Seleniko by Värttinä, I have always liked folklore along with mythology and religions so I am a big fan of folk music.
Then I decided to take a bus somewhere; I have taken up a habit of traveling anywhere with a bus or a train, just because I like the sensation of the car rumbling forward and looking at the landscaped slide by

"The bus wheels go round and round
Rain keeps on falling down"

It was not raining, it was a beautiful sunny day but a little windy, the trees and bushes were heavy with powdery and glittery snow. It was an ideal winter day, too bad I couldn't enjoy it.
I mean, I have lost the ability to enjoy the beauty of nature, of rain falling down, trees swinging in the wind and flowers in bloom. Nowadays my enjoyments are purely, sinfully materialistic; porn, chocolate, lying and plotting. But maybe, just maybe, some day I will be able to regain my ability to enjoy things as they are, see the beauty surrounding me every single day?

I took the bus 53 to Peijas- Rekola. I was thinking that some day I could ask Elise if she wanted to go together to the new McDonald's in Tuupakka?
Don't get me wrong, I like junk food like french fries, fudge sundaes and chocolate milk shakes, they're good once in a while but not healthy on a daily basis. Normally I don't eat in McDonald's but sometimes I go there to accompany my friends.

Once in Peijas- Rekola, I noticed that the next bus to Helsinki would leave in an hour, so I took the same bus to Tikkurila station and caught the bus 50 to Myyrmäki. After entering the bus, I noticed that the radio was playing Girls just wanna have fun! by Cyndi Lauper.

After the long bus ride, I got off at Apajakuja and walked home.

Once home, I took the towels downstairs to the drying room. I started cooking my special pasta, while waiting for the spaghetti to cook I hoovered the floor and after finishing my meal I beat the carpets and washed some clothes.
I decided I would clean up the bathroom and take out the garbage tomorrow.

For the rest of the evening, I just relaxed. I brewed some tea, toasted bread and watched my Kummeli DVDs. I guess today was worth living.
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