February 15th, 2011


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So, here's my update on Valentine's day. I would have updated yesterday, but I was experiencing a Creepy Moment.

In the morning I woke up when it was still dark; I was wide awake, but decided to sleep until the sun had risen. I'm not too fond of darkness.

After getting up, taking my meds and checking my e- mails and went back to bed, and slept a little more.
Usually I sleep more just to get rid of the sleepiness, but usually I end up sleeping for hours.

After getting up I had a wash, took a shower and dressed up, and went back to bed.

After getting up once again, I picked up my mail and brushed my bedhead hair a little neater, and started waiting for Suvi. We were supposed to go to Post Museum (there's a free admission every Valentine's day) and then to Arnold's Coffee and Bakery Shop.

Suvi arrived soon, she told me that the terrible traffic had held her for a long time. I hugged her and wished her a happy Valentine's day, we exchanged cards and she gave me a gift; a tube of Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Strawberry & Chocolate facial mask! I was so happy about it, but at the same time felt a little guilty for not having enough money to buy her a nice gift.

We went to Suvi's car, I managed to slip and fall on my butt. It wasn't too painful, but it's annoying. Now I've got a bruise on my left knee (just right after I had gotten rid of the bruise on my right knee) and on my left buttock. Le sigh!

Suvi drove her car to the parking hall in Myyrmanni, then we were supposed to take a train to Helsinki. We could have driven there by Suvi's car, but it was a terrible traffic everywhere.

We got late from the train, so we looked at the movie posters on Kino Myyri's windows. Yogi Bear, King's Speech, Eetu ja Konna and so on. Suvi said King's Speech would be a nice movie, she wanted to see it some day.

We took a train to Helsinki. It was getting dark, the trains to Vantaankoski were all delayed and once in the train, a group of three teenage Somali boys sat next to us. They were speaking in weird lingo, a mish- mash between Finnish, Somali and English. They were talking about going to Kamppi to fight with other people from Mellunmäki. Sheesh!

Once in Helsinki, we went to the Postimuseo. It would be closed in twenty minutes, but we looked at the exhibition quickly and then went to Arnold's.
There was a terrible queue, everyone wanted heart- shaped vanilla creme donuts with pink glazing. I wanted a bagel with cold- smoked salmon, Suvi ordered a veggie bagel and a latte.

We sat in silence and devoured our bagels, right after I was done I was feeling a bit nervous because of the darkness, cold and queues everywhere. I would have liked if our Valentine's day would have been a little more cheerful; I could have bought Suvi a proper present and we could have gone to the museum in time and wouldn't have to dine in a cramped- up coffee shop.

I told Suvi I was going to Kamppi, hugged her and left and then came back as I had forgotten my cap under the table.

Then I decided not to go to Kamppi, I had a terrible need to pee and besides I was feeling that a Creepy Moment was coming up.

I took a bus to Myyrmäki. During the ride I looked at the dark forests out of the window and tried to keep myself in one piece.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went home, took a warm shower, swallowed my meds and went to bed despite it was only a little after seven p.m.

I would have liked to stay awake a little longer, but if I'm having a Creepy Moment, there's no way I can enjoy my evening.
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I had more dreams of the old summer cottage in Rautalampi. They're not always necessarily nice, mostly they are anguishing.

If I remember correctly, I started having the dreams almost every single night in 2008; then I used to dream of a burial grove in a meadow where my grandparents' family was buried.
Then I started having dreams of Rautalampi village itself, they were sometimes happy, sometimes desolate.

Nowadays, something is calling me to the attic; I always dream of walking upstairs to the attic, but I always wake up before I realize what's calling me.

I think the dreams signify something; they want me to go to Rautalampi, visit the old cottage and find out what the dreams are about.

But how? What kind of buses and trains go there? And do I have a right to go to the property now that it has been sold to another person? Would it be like Silent Hill, a desolate ghost town ridden with secrets?