February 16th, 2011


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Last night I had a dream I went to this super amazing theater to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I was happy to see Optimus Prime on the roll again.

In the morning I tried to sleep until after sunrise, but got up a little before eight a.m.

While having a wash, I used peeling cream on my face and hands, and while taking a shower, I used conditioner. How come I'm still ugly as puke?

I wish I was prettier; I have inherited my mother's Southern Savonian genes, I look like a regular country girl with my potato nose, pinkish skin and gray eyes. I wish I'd look a bit more elegant and mysterious, should I say, darker eyes, sharper nose and lighter skin.

I wish I had some other clothes to wear during winter than just two pairs of black trousers and some blouses, so I don't have much choice. I have more summery clothes, skirts and dresses and such, and buying more trousers and blouses would cost a pretty penny.

So, you see, it's another dilemma. I might buy more clothes if I receive some extra money this month, or next month when I start receiving more welfare. Or maybe when I get the work experience place and start receiving so- called pay for it.

I had a cup of sweet vanilla tea, and I'm happy to say it tastes better than chocolate!

I received my allowance today, so I went for another shopping spree but kept in mind that I should spare a little money for my ticket to Kangasala.

First I visited the library and returned a pile of books, then I went to Myyrmanni and withdrew a hundred euros from a cash point.

I bought two bars of chocolate as usual, I should have bought a box of pantyliners but I forgot.

I visited BodyShop and bought a jar of shea butter body polish and a cube for buffing my nails.

I was supposed to take a bus to Helsinki, but after standing in the bus stop for about half an hour freezing my ass off I started thinking that the bus might be late.

I took my cellphone bill to the social office, then I visited the library to lend a comic book.

When I was finally on my way to Helsinki, I read the comic book a little. It's a very hearty parody on lesbian culture, I like those comics a lot such as Dykes to watch out for series by Alison Bechdel and Bitchy Butch by Roberta Gregory.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Cybershop and retrieved the slippers I had ordered.
I also went to Citymarket to buy a box of pantyliners and a bag of vinegar crisps.

Once home, I drank some vanilla tea, ate chocolate, watched a little of Revenge of the Fallen, tried to get my Twitter posts visible on my ElGay and washed some dishes. Right now I'm in the middle of reading My Immortal and having back pains, so I guess I should go and lie down.
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