17th February 2011


Things I need to take with me when I go to Kangasala to visit my grandma;

1. Seven different outfits (I change my outfit every day, I find it icky wearing used outfit for another day. It's about hygiene, not being snobby).

2. My medicine container (preferably filled up)

3. My current diary (and preferably a spare diary if I manage to fill the current one up)

4. Hygiene products; bath sponge, tooth brush, facial wash, deodorant, peeling creams (only the ones I truly need, my grandma has shampoos and other things in her behalf)

5. My library card for the Pirkanmaa area libraries (not because of lending something, I just need to check out if it's still valid)

6. Something to read (Carrie by Stephen King, In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan, and maybe Syysprinssi by Anja Kauranen)

6. A box of Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts for a snack during the trip (I'll probably be sick in the bus)

7. Twenty- four euros for the bus ticket

Things I won't take along

1. My teddy bear. I mean, sleeping with him at somewhere else than my own bed just doesn't feel the same.

2. My laptop. Grandma already has a computer with Internet connection.
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Eeeeee ~ ♥

Jamie, THANK YOU so much for the Valentine's day gift that arrived today! The French Fancies were a bit smashed, but they tasted as good as ever! The card was lovely too.

Thank you so much! Suvi must be so happy for having such a lovely boyfriend!
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I think my feelings towards Angel Lips (that's how I call the girl) have cooled down.
I mean, she's straight alright, and I can't convert her into lesbianism just like lesbians cannot be converted into heterosexuality. It's not right.

Besides, there are lots of dyke girls in this world, who are so desperate for love that they might even settle for me. So, I guess I should stop pining over someone I can never have, and start looking for true love.
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