February 20th, 2011


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Today is my brother Sami's 24th birthday. He currently has some sort of stomach flu, so he wasn't home today.

Once again I had a dream of attending junior high, except this time it was a little easier; I wasn't bullied, but somehow I was scared shitless of studying African culture.

In another dream I was walking my bicycle through Tennispalatsi, and I was certain that once I go through the front doors I will find myself in Rautalampi, and finally learn what the weird dreams are about.
But what do you know, I was in Sörnäinen where my maternal grandparents used to live. I pushed my bicycle towards the subway station, intending to go back home after my ruined mission, and realized that this is not a dream.

I was relieved to wake up, and it wasn't the first time I had had a dream about walking my bicycle in Helsinki and wondering how am I going to lug the great big thing back to Vantaa.

The morning was the usual; vanilla tea and an excessive clean- up.
I used peeling cream on my hands and face while having a wash, and conditioner on my hair in the shower.
I also used the shea butter body peeling cream which smelled like cinnamon rolls, but for some reason it melted on my skin right after I had rubbed it on it. I decided to throw it to the garbage bin and buy a new one.

Right after midday when the shops were opened, I went to Citymarket and bought a big box of Kleenexes and a bag of vinegar crisps, and also a big bar of chocolate from Ärrä.

Once home, I just puttered around the apartment until it was time to go meet my parents.

When I walked through my home yard, I was about to slip on the ice two times. I wish spring would come soon, I hate the hazardous feeling I get while walking outside.

I took the bus 53 to Martinlaakso.
Mom and dad were both home. My mo gave me 20 euros to spend on the trip to Kangasala, and also the diploma from grade school as I had requested.
The Ghost World DVD dad had ordered from Amazon.com was waiting for me, but when I tried to play it on my parents' laptop and then on their television, it didn't work. I guess it is true, DVDs from different regions won't necessarily work on European DVD players. Buh bah.

Mom had cooked the typical weekend food; potato mash, fried salmon and frozen peas. I ate it with relish and watched some Frasier episodes with her. They were really funny!

I decided that I would go to the Post Museum in Helsinki today, there was this annual winter break exhibition that was quite nice; it is actually directed towards younger children and their families, but it's very sympathetic and kind of cute so I decided to visit it.

I decided to take the bus 453 that leaves the Martinlaakso station at 3 p.m. I hugged both mom and dad goodbye, told my mom I would call her later, and then off I went.

It was a nice sunny day despite cold enough to freeze your pee into your bladder, but never mind, it was sunny and beautiful.

The bus arrived quite soon.
Once in Helsinki, I went straight to the museum.
The exhibition is named Jaamme tunteen (We share a feeling), it consists of four little wooden houses that are supposed to represent different feelings; the yellow house was supposed to be happiness (a giant teddy bear named Mr. Happy lived there), the red house was supposed to be anger (there was an installment that was supposed to be a stove with a pan boiling with madness), the blue house was supposed to be fear (it was a dark room, furnished to be the room of a child who is afraid to sleep because of the monsters in the closet) and the green room was another view on happiness (there were different toys and also a plastic cake with lots of candles, it was supposed to be a birthday party).
Like I mentioned, the exhibition is annual and usually set up on winter break when there's a free admission, so I have taken up a habit of visiting it every year. I also marked the dates of free admission to my wall calendar, or more like fridge door calendar.

A visit to Helsinki is never complete if I don't visit a lot of shops, and so I did.
I was thinking of buying another shoulder bag which is made of the kind of fabric I can stuck badges to, but then I felt my Optimus Prime backpack hug my shoulder mournfully and I decided not to reject him.

I took the bus 452K back to Myyrmäki, and got off at Apajakuja just because I wanted to take a little walk. I walked past Lähde (the new name for Casa Franca) and thought of visiting it.
I met this new counselor whose name I forgot, I shook hands with her and she told me I could visit Lähde some day.

Once home, I started packing and I'll finish tomorrow. I also hoovered and moped the floor and ironed the laundry. I guess I should also clean up the bathroom before my medication starts to kick in.
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