February 28th, 2011


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OK, let's see; on Sunday morning I was just basically stressed out.

It's just that now I don't see the Rautalampi dreams anymore, nowadays I have more dreams about my junior high where I was bullied on a daily basis.
On Sunday morning I felt so depressed that right after I had taken a shower and dressed up, I went back to bed.

After I got up, I decided to go see my parents. I put on my jacket and boots and off I was.

The temperature is a little warmer now, about - 7 Celsius/19.4 Fahrenheit. I wish it would soon get warm enough to wear skirts.

I took the bus 530 to Martinlaakso, both my mom and dad were home.

I watched TV with mom while napping on the couch, dad went to the gym.

I decided to visit Laturi, but it was useless. None of the counselors had enough time to talk to me, so after crying in the bathroom I decided to go back home.

Once home, I was having a Creepy Moment so I took my meds, changed into pajamas and went to sleep, even though it was only half past six p.m.

I had amazing dreams of being happy. In one dream I realized my philosophy on life: "How can I enjoy life, knowing I have to give it up some day? What's the point in living when you die anyway?"

It was cruddy to wake up, knowing that my real life isn't as happy as in my dreams.

Nevertheless, I got up, feeling pissed off because I had run out of vanilla tea. It's almost as addictive as chocolate.

After brewing a bowlful of porridge, I went back to bed and decided that I should buy the cuddle blanket soon; usually when I take a nap, I sleep under my counterpane.

I woke up, feeling the terrible need to pee; I wanted to stay in bed, but I had lots of things to do today; I was supposed to hang the laundry, visit the library, go to the social office and other, but I got up and went to the bathroom because I felt like my bladder was about to burst.

The clock was twenty to one p.m., I had thought it was already 2:50 p.m., but anyway, I checked my online bank account as I was supposed to receive some money today. And there it was.

I was thinking of going to Helsinki, but first I had some business to do; I took a stack of books to the library to return them, then I went grocery shopping.
I bought vanilla tea, Egyptian cinnamon tea, chocolate, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, Jasmine rice, and something else I can't remember right now. I also bought a bottle of Helosan basic cream from the pharmacist, and a jar of coconut peeling cream from BodyShop.

I had a hard time hauling the shopping bag and the packet of toilet papers up the Kitler hill, but managed anyway.

Once home, I started having a nice day; I blared some music, danced and sang and ate chocolate.

Laura called me and asked me to visit her. I went over, there's only one apartment between us.

I made some green tea for myself, and we just sat together and chitchatted.

I was feeling really energetic, and I decided to go downtown to Helsinki; not necessarily buy anything, just let out some steam.

I took the garbage out, I guess there's another strike going on because the warehouse where the Kilterinrinne residents load their garbage is full, it seems like no one has emptied it for weeks.

I took the bus 56 to Hakunila, and the bus 741K to Helsinki. I was feeling like another Creepy Moment would come.

Once in Helsinki, I visited the K- Market in the Central Railway Station to buy a bag of vinegar crisps. I wanted to take a bus home, but as the next 452 would arrive in twenty minutes, I decided to take a train. It was fun to sit in a train packed full and munching on crisps.

Once in Myyrmäki, it was getting dark. I walked through Myyrmanni, thought of buying something, and ran into my mother! She was buying some of those healthy yogurt drinks that are supposed to lower cholesterol degrees. Dad was getting himself some sort of medicines from the pharmacist, I'd really like to know what kind of medicines he was getting.

Once home, I noticed I didn't have a Creepy Moment. I brewed myself a cup of vanilla tea, but it didn't taste as good as before.

I really should take my broadband bill to the social office, but I have always forgotten it. Too bad, maybe tomorrow.
And oh yeah, tomorrow is the first day of March! Spring is coming, yay!
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