March 1st, 2011


Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Ride the lightning

Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?

I'm probably not the only one to shout "CAKE OR DEATH!" at this one...

I don't know what to say about death penalty. I would say it's like removing a cancerous cyst from the ovaries of the society (I'm not saying aborted fetuses are like them, but anyway, it should be noted that I am pro- choice) and making sure the criminals won't do their evil deeds anymore.
But then again, I think we are all equal and deserve to live no matter what kind of things we have done. And are the things we do so evil after all? In Arabic countries homosexuals and independent women are stoned to death, because their god says that homosexuality (also known as love) and disobeying your husband (also known as deciding for your own life rather than getting beat and raped and used as a home slave on a daily basis) is a sin. Is that right?
And it should also be noted that getting a death penalty is like freeing the criminal; (s)he won't have to suffer anymore, rather gets freed from the suffering of life. There's nothing to be afraid in death, it's a natural part of the cycle of life and besides, as for me, it is the end of all pain and suffering.

I guess I can't give a direct answer, yes or no, without expressing tons of views and opinions.

God bless Lily St. Cyr

I had a dream I was fighting the Bloodsucker monster from the first Silent Hill game, and in another dream I was celebrating Christmas with my family, in my childhood home at Laajaniitynkuja, as usually in my dreams. I was thinking, "It feels like there's another year since last Christmas", but now that I think about it, I was actually thinking that it feels like Christmas was just a while ago.

I woke up when it was still dark, just before six in the morning. I was feeling rather pissy, don't know why.

I wrapped myself in a bathrobe, ate what was left of yesterday's chocolate, brewed vanilla tea that didn't taste as delicious as before, surfed on the Internet and went back to bed to sleep under my spanking new Ed Hardy cuddle blanket, until the sun was up.

I did the morning routines as usual, felt cruddy and sweated my tits off, and later I was off to buy a bar of chocolate and a tube of lemon mint toothpaste.
I was thinking of going for a walk to Rajatorppa and maybe a little farther, despite I was not in a walking mood.

After walking a while along the Rajatorpantie, I noticed some garbage left on the road, and was a bit amazed why I heard a woman screaming at it. I inspected it, and noticed it was a fake pussy with an additional tongue; menage- a -tróis, it said on the package. Thohohohoho!

Now that I think about it, I think I'll go back tomorrow and snap a photo of it, in case it hasn't been picked up yet.

I walked along, was thinking of taking the bus 360 or 363 to Helsinki as I had to visit Kiasma shop to buy a birthday card for gynocide.
I waited on the bus stop for a while, and then walked back to Myyrmäki, and took the bus 452 to Helsinki.

Once in Helsinki, I went straight to Kiasma and picked a birthday card for Carrie. I had been thinking of picking a card with a picture of a cute pirate girl, but couldn't find one.

I spent some time looking around in the shop, thought of buying some nice fridge magnets but didn't feel like spending my money on frivolity.

I felt like up to an urban adventure, but right after passing the first zebra cross I lost my interest all at once and decided to go back home.

As usually, at first I was thinking of taking a bus, but then I decided it was too cold outside so I didn't feel like waiting for the bus (it wasn't as terribly cold as in February, but I felt too cold anyway) so I took a train. At least I can wait in the warm train before it leaves.

The train was a FLIRT train, one of those natty new trains that I like. In case you didn't already know, I like trains big time. Go ask Freud if you don't know why.

Once in Myyrmäki, I visited the library to lend the album Strike by the Baseballs. I love that band, I love rockabilly, and I can't see why everyone seems to hate them.

After spending some time in Myyrmanni, I went back home.

Later the evening when I was having fun on the Internet, my doorbell rang. I went to open it, there was Elise and her boyfriend and Pia- Maria, they were in a very jazzy mood and asked me to come over at Laura's.

We had a nice evening, talking and laughing our heads off until they went off their own ways.

I guess I had a nice day. Hope you all have a nice March!
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