March 6th, 2011


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Luckily on Friday I had nothing important to do, because I managed to sleep all day and felt really wretched about it. I only watched movies while wearing pajamas.

On Saturday I didn't feel any better, I felt like one day had taken away my will to live and it wasn't the first time.
But I managed to eat a proper breakfast, go to Citymarket to buy a chocolate bar, to the library to fetch Avatar DVD from the library and then go to the video renting and rent Girl, Interrupted. Suvi had told me she wanted to see it when I come over today.

I watched Avatar, it made me a little sad thinking that we the humans want to destroy our home planet. I wish this planet didn't have to perish, after all we do not inherit it from our ancestors but rather loan it from our children.

I didn't eat anything special today, so I guess that's why I had a Creepy Moment.

In the evening I went to a all girl party with Elise at Piia- Maria's apartment. Luckily Emmi didn't come there, but Elise told me she would have come if she didn't have a cold.

Piia- Maria's home is seriously one of the finest apartments I have ever seen! It is furnished ever so beautifully, I am actually jealous!

We ate tuna pizza, marshmallows and sourcream&onion crisps, watched Pocahontas and chatted about things and stuff.

I left a bit early because of the Creepy Moment, walked back home and thought what to do; I didn't want to give in because of the Creepy Moment, so I washed dishes, did some laundry, had some supper and surfed on the Internet. Then I took my meds, had a wash and went to sleep. So, I guess my Saturday was okay.
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