March 7th, 2011


Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: The nickname game

Which nicknames have you given to your friends, and why? Have they embraced them?

I have given my friends lots of names; for instance, when my best friend routaneito lived her gothic phase I used to call her "syrgja" which is Icelandic for "sorrow". It reminds me of her real name, Suvi = syrgja, you see? (Actually, "suvi" is an old Finnish word that means spring, or summer)

I have given Elise lots of names, such as Kisu- Elise (Kitty- Elise), Pönttö- Elise (Dummy Elise, it's rather humorous than offensive), Elsuska and so on.

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I wanted to write about this yesterday, but didn't feel like up to it so I'll write now.

Yesterday I started thinking that I should jot down how many hours it takes after I get up from my bed in the morning to the point when I have finished all the morning routines and am finally ready to go outside.

I tidied up my bathroom, this time I really put my heart into it and I was pretty satisfied with the result.

After noon when the shops were opened, I went down the Kitler hill and bought a bar of chocolate from Citymarket and visited a small but sweet shop named Lahja Rosa, where I looked for a counterpane. They were soft, thick, warm and fluffy, just the kind I want. I was not satisfied with the design, I think I will visit Indiska to see if they still sell those counterpanes.
I would like to buy one from Aurinko, but they are not as satisfying.

I noticed that it was almost one p.m. and my bus to Seutula (I was going to go see Suvi and watch the movie Girl, Interrupted with her) would leave soon, so I went home to turn off my laptop and then took the bus 55 to Vantaanlaakso where I got off and took the bus 474A to Seutula.

Suvi picked me up from the bus stop, she had been shopping for some snacks we could nom on while watching the movie.

In the car, we discussed funny surnames. Once at Suvi's place, we made popcorn and started watching the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie, it revoked my feelings about my never- ending will to write.

After the movie, I asked Suvi to drive me to Myllymäki, where I walked to Martinlaakso and visited my parents' place. They were on a vacation in the Canary Islands, and I was supposed to sort out their mail.

I wanted to watch some videos on their portable television, but my parents had wisely pulled the plugs from the walls so they wouldn't waste so much electricity during their vacation.
When I left, I took along the envelope where we keep the photos of our deceased guinea pig because I wanted to scan them and show them to my online friends. I felt like I was stealing, but then again I have the right to take them as I am a part of the family too. So was our guinea pig.

I took the bus 53 to Myyrmäki, visited the video renting to return the DVD.