March 10th, 2011


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Today I realized something.

Ever since Monday, I used to just lay in my bed, crying my eyes out because so suddenly my life had taken a turn to the worst when my arm broke. I was told it could take two months for my arm to heal, so I have to give up cleaning, cooking and having fun.
Last night I was praying, wishing my mom would be by my side, I had a vision that the sky was bleeding and I felt like the Reaper was coming to collect my soul.

But I realized that this is not the Miia I used to know. Miia has been a survivor ever since infancy; she has survived leukemia, bullying, depression and schizophrenia. Now she has to survive a broken arm.

So I took a shower, dressed into clean clothes and went food shopping, I also visited the library, using only my left arm. I was very exhausted, but managed it.

Maybe I won't end my life, maybe I will. But one thing is sure; I am a survivor.
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