March 16th, 2011


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I had my surgery, an update follows.

I was supposed to report to the Peijas hospital at 7 a.m. on Monday morning, so I set my alarm clock to ring at 4 a.m. Or actually, I remember holding the clock in my hand but not actually setting it to ring.
Fortunately I woke up at 3:45, I did the morning routines sans breakfast.

I had woken up early because I wanted some time to relax; I didn't want to scoot off to bus right after I have stuffed my face with breakfast and dried my hair. Soon I got bored of surfing on the Internet, so I took a nap and set my cellphone to ring when I had to go to the bus station.

I found it quite exciting to walk to the bus station before six in the morning; nothing special happened, I wasn't bothered by the usual creepies around in Myyrmäki.

Once in the hospital, I had my blood drawn. Then I went to the ward K3 where I was given hospital clothes; a pair of huge white granny pants and a white gown. All my belongings were locked into a cupboard.

There were three other women in my room, they were dozens of years older than me. The one woman next to me kept on screaming and yelling all days and night and pinching the nurses when they tried to move her.

I was given some pills that made me woozy, then I was taken to the surgery room where a drip was put into my hand. Then I fell asleep, and later when I woke up I was feeling sick, kept on throwing up time after time and still felt woozy.

Later the day my parents came to see me, I felt a bit better then. My mom bought me a Geisha bar, I could eat it despite I couldn't have eaten my lunch.
I gave them the keys to my apartment and asked them to bring me my Solian medicines (the hospital didn't have them) and a book to read. Later they came back with the stuff I had asked for.

The night was horrible; the woman next to me kept screaming for help, I threw up numerous times and my head and both of my arms hurt like hell.

I had my blood drawn and I was taken to the X- ray room with a wheelchair, I was visited by the social worker, physiotherapist, surgeon and other people, and about at midday I was finally free to go. I didn't bother finishing my lunch, I have always hated hospital food.

I took the bus 53 to Myyrmäki, the bus accidentally took a wrong turn and had to turn around in the middle of the road.
I felt my zest for life returning; I smelled the perfume of another passenger, lime and spices.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went straight back to my apartment and puttered around until it was time to go to bed.

Today I went to the shops to buy seven chocolate bars and a box of pantyliners from Citymarket, later I felt like doing something fun so I went back to the mall and bought two new diaries, one with pictures of angels on the cover and one of purple pansies, went to the library to retrieve two of my requests (one of them was the book Alice's adventures in Wonderland, translation by Anni Swan and illustrated by Tove Jansson) and then to the local video renting and rented Rob Zombie's Halloween II and Splice.

The customer before me was a mentally challenged youngish man, he was trying to buy tons of movies and candy and soda in discount.

Once home, I watched the movies, and now that it's getting late I have changed into pajamas and taken my meds. Tomorrow I will go to an all- girl party with Elise.
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I hate it when the people I love are all beyond my league. Angel Lips would never love me, and Weird Al Yankovic is married and has a daughter about as old as me.

I really don't see how some people can stay happily married for years, like old couples. Don't they get bored of each other? Or is true love like that?

Am I ever going to experience true love?
If I will, how will I know it is true?