March 20th, 2011


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I had a dream that Christmas was only a month away, and I didn't have enough money to buy all the presents for my family.

The morning went pretty smoothly, I managed to have a proper breakfast.

It was warmer and sunnier than yesterday, I took a long nap and had dreams of sunny summer days. For some reason, in my happy dreams it's always summer. In my happiest daydream I was riding bikes with Angel Lips wearing only pajamas, through orange coloured fields under the purple sky. It makes me sad in the face that I can't have her.

Once I woke up with a start, I decided to go see my parents as every Sunday. I dressed into a quilted jacket, woolly scarf and cap and gloves, but learned it was a lot warmer than yesterday when it had snowed.

I visited Citymarket and bought a chocolate bar, then I took the bus 530 to Martinlaakso. I called my parents' landline phone and told my dad I am coming over. Dad told me that mom was visiting Citymarket, but she would be coming back soon.

Once in Martinlaakso, I noticed an old bearded long- haired guy witnessing to a youngish woman with her son. I heard him say: "Ever since I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour..."

Once in my parents' place, mom arrived soon and she was very happy to see me. I warmed some potato mash in the microwave and ate it. For some reason it seems that I get only one whole meal in a week, and that's when I visit my parents. But things are to change, I will learn to cook my meals and buy sensible food.

I left soon, I wanted to go to Helsinki to visit an art museum, preferably Kiasma. I hugged mom goodbye and promised to call her later.

I walked to the bus station, took the bus 453 to Helsinki.

Once in Helsinki, I noticed that Kiasma was closed because they were constructing the ARS 11 show. Too bad, Tennispalatsi is closed too now that they're building an art show about Indian modern art.

I visited Kiasma Shop, then Ateneum shop, and decided to buy some more diaries later.
I walked around, visited some strange shops, thought of going to Kasarmikatu. I went to Backstreet, only to learn it is closed on Sundays. That's strange, it wasn't closed before.
I went to Hennes&Mauritz to make sure that the clothes I'm going to buy later are still in sale; as usually in the H&M shop in Forum shopping center, I was feeling all sweaty and nervous. I decided to go buy a can of Estonian carrot juice and then go back to Myyrmäki.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went back to Citymarket to buy a watermelon and some jelly beans, I suddenly had a craving for them.
They didn't have jelly beans for sale in the candy aisle, and they didn't have whole watermelons in the vegetable and fruit section, so I bought a quarter slice.

Once home, I cut the watermelon into smaller slices and ate it, holy goddess how delicious it was! I could eat it every day if I didn't make such a mess when I eat it, and it has so much water that it makes me pee like a horse.

I did some simple housework, burned lily- of- the- valley incense and listened to music, so I guess today was quite nice.

I am really worried about the condition of my arm; I wrote in the hate post that my arm will be stiff as a Viagra- induced cock for the rest of my life, that's not exactly true as I was in a pissy mood so I was exaggerating. It's been only a week from the surgery, and besides I am still young and my bones are in a good condition so I guess it will be okay in a few months, given enough time and exercise.
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I was strolling in a mall while being completely broke, I felt very sad for thinking that there are lots of amazing, mysterious things in this world and I cannot afford them. I guess I need to learn that the best things in life like love and health cannot be bought.

Sorry, this is quite short and simple, I wanted to submit it as soon as possible so I didn't feel like writing more.

Life is wonderful

Teriyaki chicken
Chunky blue cheese
Sushi Bagels Muffins
Yum Yum Yum

Buxom blondes
Long luscious hair
Plump devil red lips
Ooh la la laa

The world awaits you with all the amazing mysteries

Not for the poor
The losers can stay away
Boys and girls
Will be men and whores
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