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  • 11:02:08: And now it snows in Hell.
  • 18:38:33: I like scratching my butt and sniffing my fingers. You got a problem with that?
  • 18:41:54: Gorillaz is going to release a new album, I myself don't have Demon Days, D- Sides or even Plastic Beach yet! *panics*
  • 18:47:11: Does someone want a card from me? Send me your snail mail address at,
  • 18:47:33: and remember to tell me your birthdate and from what site are you from :3

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This morning I had to get up when my alarm clock rang at six, I had to clean up and eat a healthy breakfast before the puppet theater show.
I managed to surprise myself when I got up from the bed, and used my achy arm to do all the morning routines from making the bed to eating a proper breakfast, and I didn't feel sleepy again. Damn it! Why couldn't I manage to do it when I attended Kiipula?

I felt a bit melancholy and restless, I don't know why. I always feel a bit confused if I'm not allowed to sleep until I don't feel sleepy anymore, but I really don't know why I felt so sad.
I was also bored, which is very rare. It was only 8:15 and I had three quarters of an hour left to the puppet theater, so I left already.

The early spring air was crisp and clean and refreshing, I almost felt it do good on my hair and complexion. I walked stiffly all the way to Toteemi where I bought the booked ticket (7 €), got a special permission to visit the bathroom.
The house was soon full of children under seven, they were mostly groups from kindergarten. I felt a bit uneasy, but didn't mind.

The show was kind of special; the scene was this huge kiosk- like box where the actor was inside, she acted as a voice actor for all the puppets.
As I have told earlier, the show was about this punk rocker guinea pig who gets bored of being all alone and neglected in a big city, so he runs away to a forest to see if he can get better off there. He befriends a hare, a bear and a family of owls, and learns to stay away from the fox. But what should he do when autumn arrives, and it's soon to be winter? He cannot grow a warm winter coat, he cannot hibernate or fly to the South. Hungry and cold, he decides to go back to the city, where his owner has learned an important lesson; pet animals are far from forest animals, they need to be taken care of. I was so relieved that the show ended happily, I would have been devastated if the poor precious piggy would have died!

After the show I had many thoughts crossing my head, and I didn't feel like going home, not yet. Instead I went to Citymarket and bought a chocolate bar and then took a bus to Helsinki, to let out some steam before I go home.
In Helsinki, I took a subway to Ruoholahti (accidentally), took a subway to Itäkeskus, visited BR Toys and bought a Zhu Zhu hamster plushie, a grey girl hamster with colourful flowers behind it's right ear. According to the label, she's named "Num Nums", not "Squeaks", as I had thought.
I wanted to find Arnold's Coffee and Bakery Shop, instead I found Ciao Cafe that sells the most amazing ice cream in the world, Italian artisan ice cream with lots of exotic flavours like watermelon.
I wanted to enjoy some lemon or watermelon ice cream, but they had mostly different flavours of chocolate. I like rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, but right now I wanted something fresh so I passed on that.

I was getting bored so I took a subway to Kamppi and bought a cold- smoked salmon bagel from Arnold's. By then I was getting mighty bored, so I took a train back to Myyrmäki; I would have taken a bus, but the train left earlier.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the library to retrieve my requests, then I visited Makuuni and rented the DVD The Lovely Bones (I also intend to read the book on which the movie was based on, both the original version and the Finnish translation. I once tried to read the Finnish translation, Oma taivas [a heaven of my own] but as usual with books, I got bored soon).

I went to a few shops and bought the promised cards for angelstgabriel, pteropusvenom and bloodangel, they were not Easter cards but nice anyway.

Once home, I immediately started watching the movie The Lovely Bones (what a hilariously grimace- inducing name! Whose bones are supposed to be lovely? It's like Snatch; a movie title that sounds like a porn flick while not being one). It didn't take long before I was bawling my eyes out; the movie was so lovely and beautiful, especially the scenes depicting Heaven, or more like the intermediate place between Earth and Heaven.

It left me thinking; is there a change for me to go to Heaven after I die? Or is my sinful soul destined to the stinking bowels of Hell?
Now that I have calmed down, I must say; according to my beliefs, we all deserve to go to Heaven. I think it's selfish for any god or goddess to judge humans by their faith; believe in me and worship me and dedicate your whole life to me, or I'll burn you in Hell! Can a sinful Christian (like Adolf Hitler who was a Roman Catholic) go to Heaven, or can a good non- Christian (like Mahathma Gandhi who was a Hindu) go to Hell? And I also think that judging people by their actions (if your have done more good deeds in life than bad deeds, you will go to Heaven) is also useless; some people are not bad because they are evil, but didn't Hitler become evil because he was denied of admission to art school?

After the movie I washed the dishes, visited Casa Franca and went to Citymarket to buy chocolate eggs. I have spent a lot of money today, but I also have lots of food and hygiene products until the payday next week. And oh, me and my mother might be going to Tallinn next week!
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Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Pitkä ja kivinen tie

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Uh humm, let' see... I have been harassed by men, that's why I hate men today.

I was bullied a lot in school, that's why I have a hard time relating to people.

I have gone through immense teenage angst, I guess that's why I am a good writer and poet now.

I'm pretty satisfied with my life, I have a feeling that I am going through a phase in which I learn to love myself the way I am.

If I could change anything, I wouldn't let my best friend bully me in junior high. That was really nasty.

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Vanhat ystävät

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

I don't miss my first friends, Elisa Pöntiö- Tikkanen or Anna Suikkanen, but I miss the one named Armi Kurri. She used to be the material for my imaginary friend, whom I have grown out now. I still miss her and I want to know how she's doing, but I don't know where to find her. All I know is that she lives in Laajaniitynkuja where my family used to live, but I'm not enough of a busybody to ring her doorbell and ask how she's doing, especially if her bastard asshole of a brother is still there.

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Sinulla on sitä jotain

How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

I have a tendency to look at ugly people, both male and female, and think if I would date a guy or girl that ugly? And I have noticed that actually I don't care. I saw this really ugly guy in a train once, and I started thinking that he actually looks like a big cuddly teddy bear, I wouldn't mind snogging him.

As we lezbos say, the whole world is my lover ~ ♥