April 2nd, 2011


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The reason I haven't updated for a while is because I had to go to the emergency room for the terrible pain in my broken arm on Monday evening, I ended up staying for a while because the surgery wound was inflamed. Now I'm back home and on antibiotics.

I like LJ's new header.

scomfdib is another spam account.

I'd like to welcome devifemme to my flist.

The ship goes along

During the night between Sunday and Monday, it was approximately 11:15 p.m. when I woke up to a terrible pain in my right arm, the one that was broken. The pain was so intense it made me groan aloud.

In the morning I went to the health center, the nurse booked me a doctor for Tuesday at 10:20 a.m so they could find out if one of the screws that were installed to hold the bones in place has loosened, because I felt a stabbing pain inside my arm like the screw was digging into a muscle or a nerve.

For the rest of the day, I did the usual things; rode buses, visited Helsinki (I was sad to see that the forget- me- not blue Tyrolean dress was already sold in the UFF thrift store), ate some chocolate and watched Tideland.

I took two warm showers to lessen the pain in my arm. The pain dulled a little, but soon came back, terrible as ever.

I went to sleep early, but I couldn't get any sleep as the pain was killing me. I had run out of painkillers earlier and couldn't afford new ones.

Soon I decided to go to the emergency room; too bad the nearest one is in Peijas hospital which is an hour long bus ride away from Myyrmäki, but it was better than nothing.

I put on my sweatpants, woolly socks and cold weather gear and went to the bus station, weeping from the pain. The sun was setting and I felt like my life had broken apart and all that was left was the horrible pain.

Once in the hospital, they took an X- ray from my arm, then I was given hospital clothes and taken to the ward K3 where I was treated when the surgery was done.

The days in the hospital were pretty nice. I was taken lots of blood samples, X- rays and ultrasounds, and I was told that there's nothing wrong with the screws, it might be just the pressure in my arm that caused the pain. Or something like that.

I got a private room with a TV of my own. I watched The Simpsons every evening, but for some reason they just made me homesick.

I never knew I would be homesick; I mean, the rented flat I am living in smells of detergent and rotten tangerine peels, the neighbors make hell of a noise every day and night and it doesn't feel like home, no matter how much stuff I pile up everywhere.

The surgery wound was infected, it oozed this nasty pus. I was told I should not pick it nor use disinfectant on it, only shower it with water and put a clean band- aid on it after every shower.

Believe when I say, hospital food is horrible. I used to flush it down the toilet and pretend I had eaten it, so that the nurses wouldn't nag at me.

My parents visited me and brought me the Solian meds and my diary and writing utensils. If I could not have written, they would have had to transfer me to the mental ward.

Mostly I was just bored.

The day I was released, I was given a prescription for the antibiotics and painkillers and some other papers, and of course the Solian medication.

While waiting for the next bus 53 to arrive, I bought a chocolate bar from the hospital canteen.

Outside it was rainy and gray, if there had been no snow and ice I would have been happy about it.

I decided to take the bus 71 to Tikkurila, and wait for the next bus that goes to Myyrmäki. Just my luck, the next bus to Myyrmäki was the bus 53 I was waiting for.

While waiting for the bus, I realised I was acting crazy; I walked back and forth, laughed and talked to myself. I do that a lot, just for my own amusement. Geez.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went straight home, didn't even walk through Myyrmanni.

Once home, I sorted out the mail, changed the bedsheets and towels, changed into clean clothes and was surprised to see that my tomatoes weren't rotten yet. Then I went shopping.

First I visited the library and logged on to HelMet, I was surprised to see that none of my items were late except the Kyllä isä osaa DVD. I had also received all of my requests, but didn't feel like retrieving them.

The art museum was open and there was a new show by the students of the Vantaa art school. I didn't feel like staying long, so I looked quickly through the show and made a decision to visit later for a better view.

I went to Citymarket and bought Hello Kitty paper handkerchiefs, household paper, rye bread, toast, sandwich spread, hair dye and something else I can't remember right now.

I went to Anttila, determined to buy the ceiling lamp. Easier said than done, all the shop assistants were busy and when I finally got one to help, all the Alfa lamps were sold out. So I decided to buy another one, not very pretty but a lamp anyway. I also bought an energy- sufficient bulb that was in discount.

It was fun time lugging the bags out, without using my right arm. I have been told I can't put any pressure on my right arm before it has healed.

I went to the pharmacist to pick up my new meds, the painkillers and the antibiotics. I should have bought the band- aids along with them, but I was a bit worried if I could afford them.

Once home, I put my new belongings to their rightful places, fixed myself a cup of cocoa and a couple of sandwiches and then tried to fix the lamp to the ceiling, but it was too high and besides my achy arm prevented me. I had to call my dad to ask him for help, he agreed that tomorrow when I come over he will give me a ride back to Myyrmäki and help me put the lamp to its proper place.

Later the day I went to the pharmacist to buy the proper band- aids to help my surgery wound to heal. They were surprisingly cheap, only 75 cents. I bought eight of them, and I will buy more of them later if needed.

Once home, I had a nice evening. I watched Tideland, ate chocolate, did some housework and showered myself and had a wash. Soon I'm off to sleep, and tomorrow I will go see my parents to show off the nasty- ass cut on my arm.
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