April 3rd, 2011


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Hm. Why does it seem like my paid account will expire soon? Luckily I can afford another one with my welfare.

My arm is still pretty achy and the surgery wound oozes this nasty yellow bloody pus, kind of like the same I get from my pimples.

Soon I will reach my 1600th entry, I better keep on updating every single day.

Is it true that the town of Silent Hill was founded on Indian burial grounds?

I'm more and more interested in old Disney classics such as Dumbo, A Little Mermaid and Peter Pan, but I like them more with the original dubbings. I look up to seeing the racist stereotypes, such as the Injuns in Peter Pan and crows in Dumbo.

I really like the soundtrack to Juno, especially the double- disc version.

I have created a troll/roleplay account on Formspring.me, named TFAWreckGar. I'm supposed to be the TF:A incarnation of Wreck Gar and spread joy and garbage everywhere I go. My trademarks are five exclamation marks and the smiley ^3^

Y O Y did 23180548rdjj3e2 have to hide most of his TFA yaoi comics??? I loved reading them!

I had tons of messages in my DA and Y!G inboxes when I was released from the hospital. I didn't mind dealing with them.

When the summer comes, I will have my nails and hair done, and maybe a pedicure. Nothing fancy, just to make me look a little fresher.

Gee, my hair grows very slowly. It's still bobbed, and I need to have the tops cut.

I wish I could start receiving this new welfare called takuueläke soon, I needs me some new clothes and such. I must also buy a new pair of boots and proper soles for them.
It's kind of fun when the social office pays all my needs, but I'm still going to study and get a job.

La dee da, I might write two lists later.

Music albums I still need to buy

Gorillaz: Plastic Beach
Gorillaz: Demon Days
Gorillaz: D- Sides

Kimya Dawson: Knock Knock Who?
Kimya Dawson: Remember I Love You
Kimya Dawson: My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
Kimya Dawson: I'm Sorry I'm Sometimes Mean
Kimya Dawson: Alphabutt

Björk: Debut
Björk: Gling- Gló
Björk: Drawing Restraint 9
Björk: Vespertine
Björk: Homogenic

The Moldy Peaches: Moldy Peaches
Murderdolls: Beyond the Valley of Murderdolls
Enya: The Celts
John Lennon: Imagine
Monty Python: Monty Python Sings
Middle of the Road: Middle of the Road
Nelly Furtado: Whoa, Nelly!
The Concretes: The Concretes
Garbage: Version 2.0
The Baseballs: Strike

Juno (double disc version)
Tank Girl
House of 1000 Corpses
Koti- ikävä
Rölli ja metsänhenki
Starlight Express: The original London cast
Ghost World
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Last night I heard terrible noises from the neighborhood, which is not unusual but this time it was more terrible than the everyday bracket which, in my opinion, feels like dull white noise by now. I heard children bawling, dogs yowling, music blaring, couples fighting, monkeys clapping and glass being broken and doors being banged. I thought it's probably the ice hockey competition or whatever it is called, it gets the best of even the less nationalistic Finns every time it occurs.

I had pretty sexual dreams; I was hanging out with the Cosby kids in my grade school yard, I was supposed to go for a dinner in a fancy restaurant but I called and told my guest that I was being gang- raped by a bunch of Arab men on steroids so I had to pass on that.

I got very little sleep last night, I got up a few times to check my e- mails, make me a nice cup of cocoa or read The Lovely Bones. I had to take four tranquillizers and still didn't get any sleep.

When the morning drew near, I took my crazy pills, antibiotics and pain killers and took a shower. Apart from the usual routines, brushing my teeth, washing my hands, face and neck, washing my hair and all the smelly areas in my body, I used peeling cream on both my face and hands and body, avoiding my wounded arm. I couldn't help noticing that the BodyShop coconut peeling cream I have used only once before that used to make my skin all warm made my skin burn, as if an allergic reaction would have occurred. I quickly showered the stuff off my skin.

I anointed my skin and put a clean band- aid on the festering wound, put on elegant clothes, made a facial mask, manicured my nails and out of pure courage I dyed my hair, using only my left arm. The results were lovely, despite having red neck, ear shells and most of all, little spots of red on my face. Luckily there's nothing a little water and soap won't take off.

Before midday I was feeling mighty bored, it always happens when I get up early.
I called home and asked my dad if I can come over a bit earlier. Dad said yes, and told me that they were going to have lunch in an ABC gas station restaurant in Vuosaari and I was welcome to stay.

First I went to Ärrä to buy a bar of chocolate, I accidentally bought a normal size bar and after a little hassle, I managed to buy a super size bar and pay it with my Visa Electron.
I couldn't resist taking a bite out of the bar, but I had to hide it so my mom won't nag at me about my chocoholism.

I took the bus 55 to Martinlaakso.
Both mom and dad were home, I didn't even have time to take off my boots when we were off to Vuosaari.

I really don't get it why my parents want to lunch in that restaurant every once in a while. After we had driven past IKEA, I asked if we could have lunch in RAX for a while, but dad told me the food in there is too spicy and more like snack food, he wanted something homely and wholesome. That's not actually the best way to describe the food at ABC, but I guess my parents like it.

Once in the restaurant, I had a bowlful of tomato soup with croutons and a few slices of white bread with these weird seeds, smothered in chive- flavored cream cheese. The tomato soup was something that could have been served in my junior high cafeteria, not as refined as the one I once made out of cheese and tomato juice. In fact, all the food served in ABC restaurants are more like school grub lacking taste and je ne sais quoi.

After we left, dad run to one of his old buddies from the gym, we drove back to Martinlaakso and I tried to cheer my parents up by telling them jokes. Luckily they got most of them. I wanted to tell them a joke about a Gypsy and a Negro in a karaoke bar, and most of all, the frog joke told in Tampere dialect, but I could see their veins popping so I kept my gob shut.

Once in Martinlaakso, mom and dad took a nap and I found myself a bit lost in the eerie silence of my teenager home. I tried to watch some videos on YouTube, mainly the one of Silent Hill: Origins where Travis Grady fights the Caliban boss in Archaud theater, but my parents' old laptop didn't have enough Java cookies or sumfink to let me see the videos. As for the Caliban, I always thought it was supposed to represent a buffalo, not a man with his legs contorted over his head a lá Colin the Janitor. Well, it kind of depends on how fuzzy he looks.

I was feeling a bit spooky, it was so silent in the apartment that I could hear a hair drop. I decided to barge through the door of my old room and say in a brisk voice, not too loud but loud enough for my parents to hear Yeah, I guess we should be going to Myyrmäki right now, hoping that dad would remember his promise and not be grumpy. If you wonder what I am talking about, I had asked him to help me fix the ceiling lamp to my alcove as I can't reach it, not with my busted right arm.

Luckily mom didn't come along, I hate it how she stares holes in the walls with her steely eyes and nags at me about my poor housekeeping and all that. Well let me tell you, I don't have a poor housekeeping traits, I just do it with my own style.

Once home, I tried my best helping him to fix the ceiling lamp to the ceiling, but it was easier said than done. My father didn't reach the ceiling well standing on the dingy padded chair I provided him with, and besides he had lost his screwdriver.

After the left, I did the usual things; watched Ghost World, did a little housework here and there and ate chocolate. I don't know what's wrong with me, but my bowels are a bit loose. Must be the chocolate- induced diet.

Dad called me later and told me that he is coming over at my place at seven p.m., he's going to drive mom to the nearby mall and then visit me to fix the lamp, this time with a properly high stool and a screwdriver. Goddess bless all the men in my family, they're a pain in the ass but at least my bastard asshole brother knows how to fix computers and my dad knows how to fix everything from a runny nose to a broken heart.

I'm achy everywhere. I don't have flu symptoms anymore.
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