April 5th, 2011


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I wanted to update yesterday, but every time I tried to open any LiveJournal page, it said: "The connection was reset". It seems like others experienced this problem too.

Yesterday I was a bit depressed, I slept all day but luckily I had happy dreams as I usually do on a gloomy day; I was flying over sunny fields, and I had a thought: "Worse than death is living an unhappy life". When I awoke, it didn't seem as smart as in the dream, and it was cruddy to wake up from the happy dreams to the gloomy Monday.

The rest of the day was better; I watched movies, listened to music, washed laundry, things like that.

Today I was supposed to go to the nutritionist. I woke up earlier, and while brushing my teeth in the shower my doorbell rang; I knew it was the repair man who was supposed to check out the general condition of the apartments in Kilterinrinne. I let him in, went back to the shower and when I came out, he had already left.

I take two showers daily; one in the morning to wash my hair and body, one in the evenings just to shower the daily grime from my body.
I usually brush my teeth in the shower because in the mornings and evenings I don't feel like brushing my teeth, and while taking a shower I feel more pepped up.

I had a healthy breakfast, a bowl of porridge, a toast sandwich with lettuce and two carrots. I also drank a lot of water.

I had lots of stuff to do today; visit the social office (to get my hospital bills paid), library (to return a few items, retrieve my requests and pay my fees), grocery shop (to buy a shitload of food), pharmacist (to buy some body lotion), rehab center (to retrieve my Ketipinor prescription) and of course, the nutritionist.

About at midday, I was off; first I went to the library to return a few items, then I took the bus 53 to Tikkurila.

The nutritionist's reception was at the child health center, don't know why. I had no problem finding the office where I was supposed to go.

Me and Jaana, the nutritionist had a nice talk. I had expected her to be cold and not understanding, but she was very cheerful and kind. I told her about my eating habits and such, she gave me a few pamphlets.

After I left, I decided to take the bus 55 to Myyrmäki, but I didn't realise that the bus went to Tikkurila station.
I waited for the bus 53, but it never arrived so I took the bus 55 which was going to Myyrmäki.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the social office and asked the receptionist to give the hospital bills to my social worker Pasi. Then I went to library to retrieve my requests, then to the cash point and checked my account; yep, I had received the grocery money. I withdrew it and went shopping; I bought tomatoes, tangerines, panty liners, chocolate, milk, eggs and something else I can't remember right now.

I hauled the bags home, had a little snack and soon I was off again; I went to Anttila to buy a proper bedside table lamp for myself, the last one was too dim. I also bought a double pack of light bulbs, they didn't have them energy- sufficient. I also went to the pharmacist and bought a bottle of Apobase body lotion. I have never used it before, but I guess it's okay. I have decided not to use only Aqualan L anymore, I should try other lotions too.

I had decided not to stress myself too much. If I have lots of things to do and places to visit like today, I will not do them on one trip, rather have a few trips daily and let myself relax in the while.

One couldn't believe how huffy and tired I was after the trip, I was completely out of breath. Nevertheless, I put the lamp in it's proper place and what to say, it is very nifty! It's the pink lamp I showed off in my last photo post.

Then I was off again, this time I had to go buy some lip balm (the anti- weather lip balm I had been using had the most unpleasant taste) and porridge flakes. I remember I had to buy something else too, but didn't remember what.

I was thinking of going for a short walk, it was a lovely sunny spring day and I wanted to see if daffodils and crocuses were already budding. Then again, I was experiencing a slight Creepy Moment, so I returned home.
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