April 9th, 2011


(no subject)

I haven't done much updating the past few days, mainly because ElGay's been acting up. I have read it's because those Russians are attacking LiveJournal to disturb the freedom of speech. Does it have something to do with those nasty- ass spam accounts that occur every once in a while?

Ever since I received my allowance this Tuesday, I have done my best not to waste it, but use it on food, hygiene and such. I also bought a bedside table lamp and some light bulbs to go with it, along with the daily amount of chocolate. No matter how a pinchpenny I tried to be, right now I have about four euros until next Tuesday. Well, luckily Tuesday will come soon, and besides I have my fridge stocked with food until that day, and besides I can afford the daily amount of chocolate on Sunday and Monday.
Why is it so, that not even 100 euros a week can't afford the basic needs for a lonely vegetarian?

On Thursday I had this weird feeling; it was like I was going crazy. I didn't feel mad, I didn't feel sad, I just felt like I was in someplace else. I was not stoned nor off my pills. It also wasn't a Creepy Moment. I wasn't exhausted from all the walking I had done, I wasn't low on blood sugar. I still don't know what caused it.

Sometimes I think that there might be the change for me to end up in the loony bin once again. I don't mind, it would be a nice experience, but I'm more concerned about my the reaction of my parents.

Sometimes, even in the middle of the most ordinary day, I think there's something terribly wrong with me. I mean, I take my pills and I feel okay, but sometimes I think my mind is like Silent Hill, a desolate town filled with monsters created from the hatred burning inside myself.