April 13th, 2011


Let the sun and light come streaming into my life

I'm just piling on the pounds, so to say, meaning I am getting fatter. And I don't want to lose weight unless I get morbidly obese; life is too short for self- hatred and celery sticks.

My skin is in an almost dazzling condition. The same cannot be said from my hair, nor my teeth, nor my nails.

pteropusvenom, bloodangel and angelstgabriel, I bought your cards today and I will mail them as soon as possible!

I have noticed that going to Helsinki doesn't feel as good as in the Petula Clark song Downtown anymore. But anyway, I am going to move there later in my life, and I guess later in summer I will discover the joys again.

My arm is still aching, but the surgery wound isn't festering anymore. I wish I had never broken my arm, so I could have gone to work at the library this year.

Today I bought myself a new wallet from DAY, I might write a new post to my comm lifeinahandbag now that my Optimus Prime backpack is updated.

I bought some cortisone lotion from the pharmacist yesterday, I need it for my hands, upper lip and armpits, they're turning a bit red and itchy.

Now where did Encyclopedia Dramatica go? I needs me my daily amount of lulz.

Can I be happy in my pants and sad in the face at the same time?

I want to go to some art shows, not just nap all day. Napping feels good, but I wants me some artgasms.

I have been taking good care of my personal hygiene, and keeping my apartment in a tip- top condition. It's very easy when I don't have anything else to do.
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