April 15th, 2011


Geez, and I really mean it

It seems like I have, once again, lost the track of my updating. So, here goes.

I guess the only mentionable thing about last week is when I had a dream of visiting a toy shop, where I desperately wanted to buy an Optimus Prime beanie cap and a board game, but I woke up and was mighty disappointed. In the bleak light of the morning, I picked my nose and managed to dig out a satisfying booger.

I have been kind of busy the few days, mainly just doing housework and taking bus rides.
Yesterday I visited the Museum of Natural Science, then went to Levykauppa Äx which is totally the coolest record shop in town, then just walked around trying to find a decent sex shop until a Creepy Moment consumed my mind. I went back home.

God, I wish I could get rid of Creepy Moments, i.e. when my blood sugar gets so low I start feeling a bit freaky, seeing things and hearing noises and such. It always makes me feel rotten.

Most of the snow has molten away, I can finally ride a bicycle. In fact, I took my bicycle out this year and tried to ride a little, but noticed that it was a bit wonky; I called my dad and asked if he can help tuning the brakes and such.

I have been thinking of trying to wean myself off from chocolate; at least, not eat it every single day. I can substitute it with Jell-O, marshmallows, or practically anything else that's full of nom.

I have a double chin now. Once I start receiving more welfare, I'm going to join a gym group and start losing weight and toning my body.
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