April 17th, 2011


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Yesterday I basically did three things; napped on the couch, did housework as it is the monthly clean- up weekend, and was melancholy.

I had the typical dreams I usually have; I was wandering in Helsinki with my bicycle, wondering how am I ever going to lug the great big thing home; I was in Rautalampi in my mother's childhood home; this is not typical, but I had a dream of watching the movie Candyman, the scene where the titular character gets both of his hands cut off, covered in honey and being stung to death by bees. I'm probably going to rent that movie next week, I'd love to see it.

This morning when I was taking a shower, I decided not to use the coconut peeling cream I had bought from BodyShop; I have been using it once a week, and it has made my skin burn and itch. I threw it to the garbage bin and decided that next week when I'm going to Helsinki I'm going to buy a bottle of Lumene birch extract peeling cream.

When I was taking a shower and grooming myself, I once again heard THE voices from my earlier years; being bullied in both school and the rehab ward. It makes my life hell, I know I can't forget them, but I wish there was a way I could stop the memories from invading my mind. I just don't know how...

I didn't bother with breakfast as I knew I would have chocolate soon.

Today was the official voting day in Finland, there are the municipal elections. I voted for the Social Democrats as I usually do. I think it's no use as the bourgeois pigs are going to win anyway, but I can say that it's not my fault, I voted for Democrats.

I went to buy a chocolate bar, then I took the bus 55 to Martinlaakso. I met Tiina- Maria and her betrothed Marko in the bus, we sat together chatting away until I got off the bus.

Mom, dad and Sami were home. Mom was cooking a lunch, dad was laying on his bed reading and Sami had locked up inside his own room.

I ate the hummus and couscous mom had cooked, and I felt really bloated and stuffed after. I don't know why, I didn't even eat so much! I had to lie down and I still groaned from the pain in my stomach. Now I know how it feels to be pregnant.

Mom and dad gave me this journal they had bought me from Ateneum, I was so happy for it as I have had that book on my shopping list for a while!

Dad gave me a lift to Kilterinrinne, I had asked him to give my bicycle a tune- up; tighten the bolts, oil the brakes and pump the tires full of air.

Later the day I rode the bicycle to Hämeenkylä, after that I had a nose full of snot and my legs felt tense but I guess I'll get used to it soon. It was such a warm day, I'll be damned if we have another back winter.

Once home, I started doing housework; I washed almost dozen loads of laundry, moped the floor under my bed, washed the dishes, ironed the laundry, took out the garbage and cleaned up the bathroom. Wowzie, I never knew I would be this productive!
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