April 19th, 2011


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Today was another payday.

In the morning I tried to sleep as late as possible; the money is transferred to my account at 12:35 p.m., and I always find booooooring to wait for it.

I got up at 9:15, and was mighty disappointed to realize I had to wait three fucking hours for my free money!

I decided to nap on the sofa, which was a bad idea; after I woke up, I had to wait fifteen minutes for the money, and I felt like the time was moving slowly as a snail, and besides I felt so groggy that I didn't bother having a wash or taking a shower, as usually in the mornings when I sleep a bit more after getting up.

I just put on a pair of pants and a t- shirt, then I logged on to my account and yep, I had received 101.25 euros. I decided to withdraw only 80 euros, as I needed 20 euros for the automatic payment of my extended paid account time.

Some of you may think that a paid journal is unnecessary luxury, but if you ask me, I find it very necessary. One doesn't live on just food and sleep, sometimes you need a little luxury.

I went out and took a bus to Helsinki, I had to visit Sokos to buy a tube of Lumene birch&honey peeling cream from and DAY to buy three canvas bags.
The peeling cream was a bit cheaper than I had thought.
DAY was a shorter walk away than I had thought; anyway it was hard to walk there as I had not scrubbed myself not put any deodorant, I smelled bad and I felt grubby, and hunger gnawed my stomach.
I bought three bags, they cost 10 euros altogether as they were in discount.

I went to Arnold's and ordered a stuffed bagel, as I was feeling terribly hungry.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to Citymarket and bought food. I used up my last pennies, luckily I have my fridge stocked so I won't be hungry for a while.

I have written about this before, but I really can't see why about 100 euros a week is not enough for a lonely vegetarian who eats very little; I don't buy cigarettes, make- up utensils nor alcoholic drinks or meat, and there are some weeks when I don't buy anything extra like this week and still manage to run out of money in four days! How the fuck is that even possible?
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