April 26th, 2011


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Geez, another few days of no updating. What seems to be the problem?

I'm happy the Easter holidays are over. Nothing wrong with nomming tons of chocolate eggs and jelly beans, but it's nasty when all the shops, libraries, art museums and such are closed and I have nothing to do.

My life has been kind of smooth. I suffered from a major lack of money last week and couldn't have nothing else to eat than cheese slices and carrots.

Cheesus, it's so warm in here! There's still drifts of snow here and there and people are already wearing shorts! It's 20 c/68 F here in the Northern Europe, Southern Finland and Western Vantaa.

This morning I had nightmares about the Human Centipede. I remember when I watched the "Training montage" video on YouTube, I got a weird feeling; it was like my blood pressure was suddenly low.
I saw a streak of golden orange sunlight seeping through the curtains.
I slept a little more, and had good dreams.

When I was taking a shower, I only washed my body as I had run out of shampoo a couple of days earlier. It's starting to show, as my scalp is sweaty and my hair is greasy and matted down. Luckily tomorrow I get to wash my hair again.

Today I took part in an activity group held by Laturi, we were supposed to walk around a lake in Pähkinärinne.

I cycled to the Pähkinärinne minimall, and at eleven a.m. I met the two counselors from Laturi. No one else took part in the group.

We walked around the lake, talking cheerfully. One of the counselors noticed my Optimus Prime backpack and asked me if I like Transformers. We talked a little about the movies and TV shows the Transformers have spawned, and what do you know? He told me that the original Transformers cartoon also known as Generation One was once shown in Finland, and also dubbed in Finnish! Too bad I never saw them.

Once back in the minimall, I got on my bike and rode back to Myyrmäki. I had a terrible need to pee, so I went to Myyrmanni and visited the common bathroom.

I still had 40 minutes left until "payday", so I went to the library to hang around. After approximately 15 minutes I was bored out of my mind, so I walked my bike home and wrote to my diary until it was twenty minutes to one in the afternoon.

I turned on my laptop, logged on to my online bank account and there it was.

I went to the pharmacist to pick up two packets of Solian, it cost me only one and half euros. Then I went to the cash point and withdrew 100 euros from my bank account and went to Citymarket to buy groceries.

Along with the usual food and chocolate, I bought two packets of Jell-o, orange and raspberry. I also bought a box of cherry liquor filled chocolates.

I had a hard time hauling the bags up a hill, but I managed. Once home, I put everything in their right places and nommed some cherry chocolates, until I glanced at the clock and remembered that I was supposed to go see my nurse today at 2 p.m. According to my cellphone clock I had five minutes left to get here.

Geez, luckily it is so summery outside that I only put on my big stompy boots, and luckily the rehab center is a short walk away from where I live.

Once there, I met my new nurse, her name is Satu. We sat together in her room and I told her things about me, my life and worries. It was really nice and comforting, and she was really nice too.
We made a new appointment for May 13th at 1 p.m., which also happens to be Okko's birthday and my mother's payday (she puts 60 euros to my savings then and I use it to reload my traveling card) and also the birthday of Jason Voorhees!

I was supposed to visit the social office to drop off my bills and the social insurance agency, but I forgot.

Once home, I made some orange Jell-o and a few sandwiches, and ate the rest of the chocolate confections.

I went out once again, to return the DVD Veronika decided to die to the library and then visited Citymarket to buy something for me and Suvi's Mayday picnic.
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