April 28th, 2011


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I didn't get any sleep last night, so I had to down three tranquillizers.
Can't remember whether they helped or not, but suddenly I woke up with a start and realized it was already morning. I stood up on my feet and realized my legs were a bit wobbly.

In the morning when I was checking my e- mails and updates, I had a craving for chocolate as usually after I have woken up. I noticed the box of Marabou creme eggs, I had bought them from the post- Easter discount for the Mayday picnic as they were far cheaper than the cherry brandy chocolates. Then I realized, "Jesus fuck me, what was I thinking? Easter eggs for a Mayday picnic? What's next? Carved pumpkins for Christmas feast?" so I gobbled them up in a minute and decided to buy the cherry chocolates anyway.

I have been thinking of dyeing my hair, um, brownish- reddish- purple. Wish me luck when I go scavenging for a proper brand of hair color.
I'm running out of the Freeman strawberry&chocolate facial mask Suvi gave me last Valentine's day, I think I'll buy another tube of facial mask. The masks are not a luxury but a part of my basic beauty care, just like peeling cream and leave- in hair conditioner.

BodyShop 3-in-1 with kaolin clay and blue corn
+ Ecological
+ Very effective
- Expensive
- The jar is far too small, I may only use it for about four or five times and then I have to buy another motherfucker

Freeman's Feeling Beautiful with avocado&oatmeal
+ The same effect as in the chocolate&strawberry
+ Vegan
- Icky smell

Today I was supposed to do two things; visit the Franca päiväkeskus or whatever it is called, it is this sort of an activity center for mentally ill people where you can paint, read poems, meet other loonatics and basically do anything that prevents you from napping all day.
And oh, the Post Museum had a free admission today, along with the Museum of Natural Science. So I guess I was kind of busy today.

I went down the Kitler hill to Citymarket, bought two bars of chocolate because one doesn't satisfy me, a packet of rye bread and a box of cherry brandy chocolates for the Mayday picnic.

I had eaten those kind of chocolates on Tuesday, I like dark chocolate in small amounts and the sugared cherry inside was piquant, but the brandy made me think if I could get pissed.

Once in the cashier line, my dad called me and told me has was going to pick up my printer to take it to the repairer.
In case you didn't know, my printer is broken; every time I turn it on, it says that there's a piece of paper or something else jammed inside it. The printer has been inspected many times, but there's nothing stuck inside it!

I hurried home, once my father showed up he took the printer and off he was. I think I'll manage without it, the main thing is to have the damn thing fixed.

I must say, my father is a handsome man. He is kind of like a daddy- ish version of a wrestler. And my mom looks like princess Diana, that is, if the queen of hearts had lived to see her 60th birthday.

I took the bus 53 to Simonkylä, and the visit to Franca (I'll call the activity center Franca from now on, the youth hostel Casa Franca is called Lähde now) was pwiddy okay. Both Maiju and, um, the chick whose name I forgot were nice to me.

Once at the bus stop, the next bus to Helsinki would arrive in 20 minutes so I went to the other one and took the bus 52 to Martinlaakso station and the bus 453Z to Helsinki.

The exhibition in Post Museum was about opera and old costumes, boring as shit but the costumes were intriguing despite being old and musty as hell.

I went to Kiasma, looked around in the shop and let me tell you they sell the most positively fucked- up jewelry, not ugly but grotesque. Too bad I don't wear jewelry that often even though I would love to; it's the same thing as for cooking, I would love to do it but sometiems I am so unmotivated that I find no point in it.

I went to the cafe and holy shit, right now I remember I could have gotten discount as being a Friend of Kiasma myself. Way to go you dumbass hoe.
Anyway, I bought a slice of chocolate cake, a huge- ass slice with whipped cream, orange sherbet, chocolate with a slice of a strawberry and a coffee bean on the top. Freakin' yummy!
Cafe Kiasma is kind of weird now, they used to have a buffet but nowadays you order on the counter and they bring your nom of choice to your table. Hope they don't treat me like a rude fuck because I can't afford tipping them.

Anygays, I went to Sokos to look for hair dye and facial masks. I found some neat- o colors that aren't exactly reddish- brownish- violet or something, but when it mixes up with my red hair and fades a little, I think it's okay.
And also, I found out Freeman had another type of facial mask; lemon&mint, it didn't smell like KY Jell-o as the avocado&oatmeal smelled.

I realized it was Thursday evening and the Museum of Natural Science also had a free admission. So, there.

I just looked at the stuff I was most interested in, and also tried to crawl through this tunnel that was supposed to teach children about the kind of Finnish animals that make nests in snowdrifts. I found it a bit hard to squeeze myself into the tunnel with the Optimus Prime backpack on my shoulders and my arm aching, but managed. Hope I don't get a knee ache.

I took the bus 452 back to Myyrmäki, got off at Apajakuja and walked home. I was in a good mood.

As for the rest of the evening, I ate chocolate, surfed on the Interwebz, scribbled to my diary and all that. Soon I'm off to sleep, but I think I should have a wash before that.

After proofreading my entry, I found myself thinking that even the most drab and dull day can be turned into a shitload of fun when I write about it.
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