May 1st, 2011


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My First of May was, well, read this entry and make up your own adjective about it.

I had a dream that my surgery wound opened up, I could see the hollow inside of my arm and poke at my tendons and bones. Yum.

In the morning I scrubbed myself were scrubulously, used peeling cream and conditioner, and put on the yellow lolita dress I still need to post a picture of.

My mother doesn't nag for nothing; all the chocolate I have stuffed into myself has resulted that I have grown out of my clothes. Too bad my limbs are still slim, all the fat gathers into my stomach. Geez, I look like Starvin' Marvin from South Park, thin limbs and a fat stomach. And I also have a double chin.

Me and Suvi had planned to go to the Jokiuoma park for picnic, too bad it was cold as fuck and it kept on raining sleet. We agreed that I could visit Suvi, we could have our picnic by their kitchen table.

I was supposed to do the housework I had not done on Saturday because I was too busy being lazy.
I didn't bother with it, after all it was the first of May.

I went to see my parents, I took the bus 55 to Martinlaakso.

Mom didn't say a word about my pretty dress, she was all: "Baby darling, won't you freeze to death in that dress?" Me: "I am not a baby, and no, I don't feel cold". Actually that was a lie, my bare arms were almost blue. No matter how I try to convince myself of being Scandinavian, I can't help turning into an icicle even when I open my window on a spring day.

Dad gave me the ten euro bill my grandma had sent them. I did the usual things, watched some home videos and ate a few tomatoes and drank a couple of cups of cocoa, then I was off.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, went home to hang the laundry, put on the Criminal Damage X hoodie and checked the bus timetables many times.
Suvi lives in the northern Vantaa which is mainly a rural area, very few buses go there and I usually have to change them.

I took the bus 53 to Vantaanlaakso, waited 38 minutes for the bus 474, got off after the Katriina hospital.
Despite wearing a hoodie, I was freezing my tits off as the cold wind blew. After Suvi picked me up and drove me to their house, after a quarter of an hour I was still shivering in the warmth of their house.

We had cherry brandy chocolates, chocolate donuts, chocolate pudding with whipped cream, funnel cakes, brie cheese, croissants and grapes.

We started watching the movie Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. I still don't see whatever connection it has the Michael Myers saga, nevertheless it was interesting.
I first mistook Stacey Nelkin for Geena Davis, nevertheless she's very pretty.

We didn't manage watching the movie all the way to the end, so Suvi decided she could borrow it to me. She put the DVD into my backpack so I could watch it later home.

Suvi gave me a lift to the bus stop next to Katriina hospital. I walked to the small station next to the hospital, meanwhile it started raining sleet.

I found myself thinking; I read from the local paper that in Myyrmäki, a Gypsy had knifed a young man because he had asked for a cigarette and the man didn't have one. Is it right to deny a person of their right to life just because they won't succumb to your will? Just like God is supposed to zap all the sinners?

I took the bus 474 to Helsinki, meanwhile the sky cleared up and the sun started shining.
Once in Helsinki, I tried to find a free bathroom, didn't find one so I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki, once there I visited Ärrä to buy two super size chocolate bars.

Once home, I watched the Halloween movie Suvi had lent me all the way to the end. I still didn't do any housework.
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