May 2nd, 2011


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Why does everyone seem to hate president Obama? It is because after the reign of terror, also known as eight years of George Bush in control, everyone expects Obama to fix the unstable economy, make health care free, end the Iraqi war and legalize abortion?

I mean, whether he is the president of USA or not, Obama is not perfect like some sort of saving angel. He is a human who does mistakes, like anyone else of us. I think he should be given time to do the best he can.

Call me a dirty hippie, but I think Obama is the best kind of president. Not because he's black, but because he's a Democrat. Communism nor terrorism nor Christianity is not the answer, Democracy is.
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I have grown out of my clothes. I mean, today I was wearing the Megatron for President shirt naggingfishwife once sent me, it used to hang to my body like a tent and now it's become a bit tight.

Speaking of Hillary, she has once again deleted me from her friends list and closed her journal, without explaining why.

I am mostly in a bad mood and pissed off all the time, and I can't explain why. But as I like to say, Being a bitch is all part of a woman's mystique.

There are two bumps on my elbow, the one I had a surgery on. I guess the screws are bulging through my skin.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. May he burn in the same hell reserved for George W Bush.

I love Weird- Al Yankovic, I wish he was about my age so I could marry him and make his life miserable as I do to everyone who I love.

I hate it when I take a trip to somewhere, whether near or far, I always have to take a pee and find a free toilet. It's so bloody fucking annoying.