8th May 2011


For some reason, I am mildly depressed. Not in the "I hate everybody" way, mind, mostly in the "Everybody hates me" way.

I always like to think that if today sucks, tomorrow will be better.

This morning I tried to keep myself asleep; when I turned on the other side, I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't be *poff!* awake.

When I was checking my e- mails, my Internet connection disemboweled itself once again, so I turned my laptop off.

I have taken up the habit of washing my face in the shower every morning; in the mornings when my hair is unkempt, I end up smearing the foam all over my hairline. It's easier to wash my face over the basin in the evenings when my hair is in its place.
I also use the facial peeling cream in the shower, it's easier when my skin is warm after showering with hot water, and easier to rinse away.
I used conditioner on my hair and peeling cream on my body, while anointing my limbs I remembered I had to brush my teeth, so I went back to the bathroom to brush them.

The one thing I don't like in my body is when the skin on my back, around the shoulder blades, starts feeling tight. I don't know why, the skin isn't scruffy or dry or anything, but it still feels tight and it's hard to spread the lotion on my back because my arms won't bend that way.

I dressed up really nice, and then went down the Kitler hill to buy two super size chocolate bars from Ärrä; too bad I realized they weren't in discount anymore. They used to cost 5 euros together, 90 cents more after the price of chocolate went up, and now they cost almost 8 euros! I decided to buy my Sunday chocolate bars from Citymarket from now on. Except when it's a holiday and all the shops are closed.

I decided to take out the garbage when I went to see my parents. When I was tying my shoelaces, I realized I could ride my bicycle there instead of taking a bus.

I love taking bicycle rides; I always feel like I am flying.
Once in Martinlaakso, I gave my mom the Mother's day card which had a picture of Moominmama walking on a sunny beach, collecting seashells, with flowers behind her ear. Mom was really pleased.

Dad was laying on his bed reading historical books, I had a talk with him about things and stuff. When I went to the kitchen, my mom asked if I had been talking to myself.

After I left, I went for a long bike ride. Once home, I was out of breath and had to change my shirt as it was damp with sweat, but nevertheless I felt very energetic and refreshed, more than I have ever felt after taking a walk. I have noticed that it's easier to ride a bicycle than take a walk.

I took the carpets out to beat them, hoovered and moped the floor, cleaned up my bathroom and washed the dishes after they had stood on my counter for about three weeks.
I should take up the habit of washing the dishes every day, if I have produced any dishes during the day.

I stuffed my face with chocolate, tried to look at Transformers porn on the Paheal Rule 34 which was doomed to be a fail as the site was acting up like Encyclopedia Dramatica, wrote to my diary and looked at Silent Hill 2 cutscenes on YouTube.

Sometimes I can't help thinking how the time flies; I mean, usually it feels like I have done nothing but angsted on the Internet and eaten chocolate all day, and then it's already evening and I have to change into jammies and go to bed.
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kitty loaf

Not exactly the appropriate choice of an usericon for this entry, I just chose it because I have been overabusing it.

There are some things I want to say to some people without offending them because I'm a pussy.

You: We used to be such good friends, but sometimes I can't help thinking if I should just quit our friendship. No matter how nice I try to be, you never seem to appreciate it.

You: We have lots of differences in our opinions, can we still get along?

You: Don't bother adding me. I know we used the be friends, but you won't like me anyway.
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