May 13th, 2011


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There's this thing that has been bothering me for a while...

I have a friend, whom I met online. We've been friends ever since before I flipped in 2005, we like each other, but it seems like she has become very cold towards me.
I know she has her own problems in her life like I do, but at least I don't get all snappy and rude when I pay someone a compliment.

I wish she could understand that I am still the same old silly Miia, and I want to keep her as a friend as long as possible.

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You may have noticed that I have very crude humor; I like making fun of things like the earthquake in Japan, abortion, Madeleine McCann and such.
It's not that I am trying to ask for attention, or be like "Hey everybody look at me I am an internet tough girl" or most of all, I don't want to offend anyone despite knowing that I will offend a lot of people.

It's just that I find humor to be one of the best ways to cope with the ills of society and other bad things in life. I mean, the ability to laugh at bad things is a way of preventing them making you too worried or sad. While I think that the ills of society should be corrected and taken seriously, but maybe not TOO seriously.

I am not implying that if you don't like my sense of humor, you don't have any sense of humor at all. I mean, every person has a different sense of humor as they have a different taste in clothes, music and such. Just because you don't like my newly bought shoes that I myself find awesome, doesn't mean you don't have any taste in shoes.

So. If you feel offended by some joke I made, I'll say that it's just my weird sense of humor, you don't have to get all dramatic over it. Pass it by and find another journal.

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  • Thu, 13:30: Sometimes I can't help thinking that I should live my life the way it is, not expect everything to be better after I die.
  • Thu, 13:31: @dwstatic I'm okay, sometimes I just get a bit dramatic :/
  • Thu, 13:32: @dwstatic But thanks for thinking of me, sweetheart :3
  • Thu, 13:48: Everytime I check out new userinfos on LiveJournal, I view them as potential friends.
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