May 15th, 2011


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I haven't updated for a while, I mean, about my daily shenanigans. Maybe because I usually update in the evenings when all the shenanigans are over, but then I don't usually feel like updating.


Couldn't have gone to Okko's birthday party in fear of meeting Emmi the Bitchface.

Watched The Lovely Bones, it made me weep and think how beautiful life is.

Wore a short summer dress, decided to change it to a long- hemmed princess dress because the chilly wind outside kept on blowing the hem up.

Went to see my nurse, was amazed how smartly and calmly I can discuss my history of suicide attempts and being a bully victim.

Went to Helsinki, bought a can of orange juice b/c I was thirsty. It was yummy.


Another of those housework weekends. Mind, I do housework every weekend, but in the middle of the month I wash every single piece of fabric from tablecloths to canvas bags.
So. Washed five loads of laundry, wiped the desks and tables clean, hoovered the floor, aired the apartment, changed bedlinen and towels.

Attended the home meeting. Counselors complimented on the clean, fresh smell of my apartment.

Decide not to wear loose- fitting clothes anymore, make me look fat.

Sunday so far:

When in the shower, used peeling cream on face, hands and body, and conditioner for hair.

Washed the dishes, washed a load of laundry and hung the laundry.

Went to buy two bars of chocolate.

Went to see my mom, dad and br'er Sami are visiting Rome right now.


I have been thinking of not eating so much chocolate anymore, or actually giving up chocolate altogether. It makes me fat and does bad for my skin and teeth and uses up a lot of money, but it seems to be a part of my personality and make my life worth living.

I'd like to kick the ass of the mindset that women are supposed to be skinny and pretty just because of men, well, I don't exactly want to be skinny and pretty; being fit and wearing clean, neat clothes and looking fresh is enough for me.

This summer, when I get the extra welfare a- rollin', I'm going to book a hairdresser, beautician and a manicurist, then I'm going to get my gym membership renewed. I am also going to teach myself to cook proper meals instead of eating just fruits, vegetables, sandwiches and chocolate all day.

It takes a lot of willpower, but here's a change to prove that I have it.
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Those who haven't been my friends since the dawn of the Internets, have you checked out my first journal selma5678? The corny username was a though out of the blue, and I usually just wrote short sentences about my daily happenings.

"Went to an art museum. Went cycling. It was raining."

Sometimes I feel a tiny bit ashamed for all the syrupy shit I posted there, but I don't feel like deleting the journal as it contains such fond memories. And besides, without Selma there would be no Katti.
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