May 18th, 2011


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This may come as a total surprise for you, but I have decided to give up eating chocolate.
That is, I won't eat two bars of Fazer every day. If someone kindly offers me chocolate as a gift or in a party or such.

I feel as if there are two parts fighting inside me; the other part wants to give in to my mother's whining and start losing weight, stay fit, be healthy and live longer, the other one wants me to live my life however I want, after all I always say: "Life is too short for self- hatred and celery sticks".

So. I have decided not to eat so much chocolate, but indulge myself a little here and there.

Yesterday was the first no- zoklid day. I clearly suffered from withdrawals, maybe because I made such a big deal about it.

And by the way, on Monday I went to the IKEA shop in Espoo, for the first time in my life. I remember visiting IKEA a few times when I still lived with my parents.

It was such a nice place, and what do you know, they sold kitchen equipment and such for the most amazingly cheap prices! I didn't buy anything yet, mind, but I decided that when I start receiving the extra welfare I will buy a new pillow (the old one is pretty, well, old) and some kitchen stuff like an oven tray and a spatula for making pancakes.
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