May 20th, 2011


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All work and no play makes Miia a dull girl.

That's why I need my naps, chocolate, porn, Internet and hanging around in downtown. There's plenty of time for responsibility later.
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There's also this thing I need to write about:

I want to have a sterilization surgery. That is, have my tubes tied.


I don't want to get pregnant. When a withdrawal from chocolate makes me go all coo- coo and feel like my life is in ruins, how am I able to manage with all the complications from pregnancy; nausea, cravings, stretch marks, milk dripping from my tits? And most of all, labor pains?
Also, my pubic bone is malformed; it kind of plugs my, um, the tube babies come out of, I can't use tampons, Mooncups or Geisha balls, or heck, barely even masturbate, so how can I squeeze a watermelon- sized piece of meat out of it?

I am not fit for a mother. You could say that I will change my mind, but let's face it; I can't even take care of myself, how can I take care of something that is weaker and completely dependent on me?
Not every woman is fit for mother. And besides, just because I was born with baby- making equipment, it doesn't mean I should use it.

Not to mention, if I ever get pregnant it might be an accident; I could be raped or bust a rubber. Not nice.

And besides, the Bible thumpers are working their way in this part of world, too; the Christian Democrats want the doctors to deny a woman/girl of abortion if it's against his morals.

So, I want to make sure I will never have to go through the contemplation of having an abortion; I view abortion as every woman's right, I would have an abortion if needed and if there was an access, but I don't want to fight my way through the Bible thumpers.

The only thing preventing me is the law; if I want to have my tubes tied, I have to be older than 40, be married and already have squeezed out five kids, and be much more a fucked- up mess than I am now.

I am 22 years old, not married and never will be, I hate kids and I certainly won't flip again just because I want to have my tubes tied.


Nevertheless, I will visit a nurse on Monday and ask if I can bend the law and get a sterilization surgery; maybe I can convince them enough.

Wish me luck.